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Yoga Teacher Training 


Are you ready for a Soulful Journey to the full depth of you?

A 200 hour Yoga teacher Training program with me...

You are the Ineffable Heart

Surin, Phuket, Thailand
2nd – 31st MAY 2020
Cost of Tuition – 800 pounds – Rockin affordability

EARLY BIRD offer expires 1st Jan (1000 pounds thereafter)

I have 2 spots left!!!

Hey there Yogis,


Are you looking for an intimate Yoga teacher training program?


Perhaps one with no more than 5 students?


Do you want lots of time and special attention to your personal practice and the chance to ask lots of questions?


Are you interested in integrating meditation, mindfulness and silence into your experience?
Are you hoping to eat right and fast right for a whole month?


Are you looking for a heart centred teacher training delivered with care and the hope and intention of creating a wonderful yoga facilitator out of you


Do you want to practice teaching right from the get go?


Are you curious and courageous enough to go deep inside and enquire into the truth of your being?


…. If so, then keep reading 🙂 …


After a few requests from my prior students, I’m delighted to be able to offer a small and intimate yoga teacher training program for up to 5 dedicated students.

When it comes to conveying knowledge and experience beyond the books, my feeling is that it is vital that there is enough 1-1 time to ensure the correct understanding and approaches are passed on.

I love to inspire students to take on the practice for their own inner enquiry and self knowledge and a teacher training program is a wonderful opportunity for both students hoping to deepen their practice and for those who feel called to start sharing this practice. This training will be a serious deep dive into the heart of Yoga. Whether you want to become a teacher or not, all levels are welcome.

Take a peek

Sample Schedule

6-7 – Meditation/breathwork practice
7-8.30 – Dynamic Yoga practice (led & self)
8.30-9 – Break
9-10.30 – Light Breakfast
10.30-12.30 – Class review and Yoga Techniques/Training/Practice workshop
12.30-1.30 – Break
1.30-2.30 – Lunch
3 – 5- Anatomy/Philosophy & group sharing workshop
5-5.30 – Break & time for optional light snack
5.30-6.30 – Teaching methodology workshop
6.30-7.15 – Students Practicum
7.30-9pm – Restorative Practice – Yin/body scan/Yoga Nidra/Meditation (led & self)
9pm – Rest and Mouna until end breakfast

All the paths of yoga will be explored and practiced,


– raja yoga (The path of meditation)

– bhakti yoga (Devotional practices to surrender the ego and open to the True Heart),

– jnana yoga (self enquiry, asking the questions and opening through seeking)

– karma yoga (selfless action to cultivate deep presence and acceptance in everyday life)

– and of course the kind of yoga where we move and shake the body (Hatha Yoga – balancing and purifying our physical, energetic and emotional bodies, and discovering the insights and truths within the framework of our own bodies.

I will share with you a range of tools to allow you to deliver classes
of varying styles, intensities, and approaches, tailored to your audience… including delivering simple therapeutic sessions, to challenging vinyasa classes and guiding restorative yin sessions and guided relaxation and meditation.

A complimentary blend of supportive spiritual components will be experienced


– right diet (sattvic and vegan)

– right fasting (16 hour intermittent)

– right morality and inner observances

– right exercise (for the physical-asana and energy body-breathwork)
– right rest (body scanning, yoga nidra and guided relaxation, digital and media detox)

– right knowledge (through open discussion and sharing of satsang together)

– right mindfulness and self inquiry (through periods of mouna/inner silence, including whole day’s of silence and during mealtimes)

a little about..

Our Villa Apartment

A lovely simple and humble Thai Villa apartment in Surin Phuket will be our home during our Soulful Teacher Training together. It is located in a quiet local village and has a small private pool and lots of living space, dining room and a large kitchen for us to prepare food together as a family. All rooms are twin share with private bathroom and AC. Depending on the final number of students, the additional cost will be between 175- 350 pounds per student for the whole months accomodation.

Large supermarkets are around the corner and the two stunning beaches of Surin and Bangtao are within walking distance. The vibe is very much an upmarket family holiday type destination. No real loud parties here like Patong. The locality is clean and well taken care of.I lived and shared Yoga in Phuket for 6 months on my travels and can say that I’m really looking forward to re-visiting this simple and peacefully unassuming town. Some of the best beaches I’ve seen.

Accomodation, food, course registration & certification fees will be calculated and divided according to the final number of students signed up. The total amount should be no more than an additional 500-800 pounds on top of the tuition fee.


My journey of a thousand blessings to this point…
– A challenging and tumultuous asian turned british upbringing
– 6 years of Medical studies & 5 years of Doctorhood & Radiology
– A heart provoking time with an unspoken Master
– Truly blessed moments of opening that changed the course of my life
– 5 years of travelling, seeking & nomadic yogic living
– A lifetime of inner self enquiry & a love for truth, a love for Yoga…17 years on the mat
– Falling naturally into yoga teaching, writing and inspiring, coordinating and co-hosting Yoga teacher trainings and my own mini intensive yoga programs
– An existential crisis and a dark night of the soul
– Shadow work, shadow work, and more shadow work
– Trusting in the heart, following a different kind of guidance

And here I am now, at 34, still captivated by the journey of life and a willing expression of love and the freedom of the heart

Come join me in the Joy of Yoga, the sacred remembering that…

You are the Heart

If you are curious for more information, feel free to get in touch. 

I look forward to having you on board for some soulful yoga sharing and spirit family time.

With love and blessings,