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Yamuna is an experienced E-RYT 500 qualified yoga instructor with 11 years of background tuition, training and practice as a UK doctor in hospital medicine with Radiology specialization.

For the last six years she has lived a nomadic life, travelling, teaching yoga, facilitating workshops, retreats, intensive immersions and teacher training programs around the globe, including Malta, New Zealand, Phuket, Bali, India. She has in depth understanding of the form and function of the human body and disease processes from her medical background which greatly supports her understanding and guidance in Yoga, meditation and breathwork as a holistic ways of healing and sustaining health and wellbeing. 

She has nearly two decades of personal yoga practice and has been teaching for over five years.

She truly believes that Yoga, practiced in its totality is medicine for the mind body and soul.  

Yamuna integrates her experience in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative Yin, Iyengar, breathwork, kriya, meditation, somatics and trauma healing to deliver an intuitive practice that is relevant and appropriate to the students in front of her. 

I love to hold space and support others one on one in their life journey. This gift is a culmination of overcoming many of my own life challenges with lots of time spent in personal silence, contemplation, meditation and self reflection. Since leaving medicine behind and going the road less travelled, I’ve had to cross many mental emotional hurdles, starting with overcoming burnout and leaping over the great wall of fear into the unknown. I entered into a new ecstatic life as a yogi, only to have it curveball into the dark night of the soul after a six week stint of intense vipassana meditation. I went through a complete identity crisis, spiritual disconnection and great period of confusion for three years. Eventually, as the fragments of old conditioning fell away, the light began to shine through brightly again, revealing the truth of myself and existence in all it’s beauty and grace.  I love to share the tales of my journey as a means of inspiring hope and faith in others in a similar path and hope that the spiritual helping hand will continue to be passed down to those in need.

What students are saying

My yogis from around the world!
  • I love the energy and wisdom that Yan brings to each class. I was lucky enough to be in a teacher training with Yan and her A&P is second to none! However, the real beauty of her teaching lies in her gift of grace and wisdom as she weaves the sacred art of yoga into all that she does. Her knowledge of asana and yogic principles is profound and she teaches with integrity and humility. Having practiced yoga for almost twenty years I found new and deeper understanding through Yan in all of the poses that she shared with us. I hope for the day that I can share some sacred space with Yan again, and urge you if you feel drawn to, to do the same – your heart will thank you for it. Namaste.
  • Yan is an excellent yoga instructor and person who fully embodies the yogic lifestyle with a deep passion as a practitioner herself. She has a deep understanding of all the different aspects of yoga and can lead asana classes that go from soft heart-openning yin classes to the most demanding vinyasa classes, all with a tender style and care for the student. Practiced under her guidance during several months at Kawai Purapura retreat centre in New Zealand where I experienced a most amazing progress in my own practice and understanding of yoga. Om Tat Sat.
  • Yan has dedicated her life to yoga and her own spiritual development and this wisdom flows through into her teaching. Yan is always present and attuned to the needs of students as she teaches. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of yoga and her passion is inspiring. Yan’s classes have left me feeling more relaxed, balanced and connected to myself, whether it is a gentle restorative class or a more challenging vinyasa. Yan exudes gentleness, warmth and kindness. She is incredibly supportive and encouraging. I feel privileged to have met such a beautiful human being.
  • The first time that I went to a Yan’s class it was confronting because it took me out of my comfort zone, physically and mentally. I noticed that I continued coming to her classes (vinyasa, ashtanga and yin) with curiosity and an opening heart. She’s really knowledgeable about the human body but also she teaches asanas from a place of self-exploration that it’s deep and humble. During the time that I attended her classes, my body got stronger and I threw away some mental limitations. Thank you 🙂 Namaste
  • The moment Yan stepped onto her mat in our studios August last year I knew she’d have something special to share… It’s been an honor to be her teacher and to see so much growth, genuine dedication and humble approach to everything I have thrown her direction ( which had been a lot ) Yan is a super special student, teacher, co worker, dear friend that you can count on as a loving, intelligent and compassionate teacher and guide. I couldn’t recommend anyone with more trust and excitement than her. She truly is amazing at everything she finds an interest in and I’m constantly surprised and inspired by her quick understanding of not only some of the most advanced poses I’ve been practicing for years, but also her depth, instant calm and experience in meditation. She leads by an example of living life from her own truth, heart and soul. What more can you ask from a human being? Love always,
  • About Yan As I am writing this note on the way back from trip to South coast of Asia, I should underline how grateful I am to Yan and how I appreciate her effort on me. I realized some time after our first session that she came into my life just on perfect time and helped me to make some changes…. (Just like an angel <3 ) While having 10 yoga sessions with Yan, I have also learned a lot about meditation and began to look at things differently. These sessions were not just yoga practices as I had Yoga and Pilates practices in the past. Therefore we worked on breath techniques and meditation as well as some talks on philosophy of yoga and meditation. That is how; I started to believe again that there is life that I should keep holding on; remembered to gratitude all those goods and positives that I still have in my life and around; realized that I am still breathing and I should find the light within myself and find a way to be positive person again; became aware of that how important is to find the motivation to get things started, keep some discipline or simply believe to get things going on and more… Yan is flexible as well as going on hard on you when it’s is necessary. She is very understanding and motivating with good and calm vibe. She is also friendly and genuine. I have noticed that Yan is able to catch your level and help you through from that point to get better and higher. She helps you to find the best practice for you and encourages you to find your needs on yoga or more. I believe that I have been lucky meeting and practicing with her. Thanks a lot !
  • I met Yan through Facebook, back in June 2016. I reacted to an advert she posted about yoga lessons. I used to be a sportive person but due to my studies and job I had to discontinue my trainings, so developed some back aches and lost a lot of my flexibility. It was not the first contact for me with yoga but I thought I would benefit from learning it properly, and so I did! Yan is a really sweet and welcoming person. It made me feel like we had known each other for longer time. Her explanations came natural, and she was able to make me understand every single step during the learning journey. Every session was personalized and adapted to my situation and body condition. She helped me to reach a better version of myself not only physically through yoga, but also mentally through meditation. It was a pity to know she was moving out from Malta, but pursuing goals is great. Yan, I wish you the very best!
  • Always completely present and tuned into the needs of her students, Yan imparts expert knowledge of anatomy, encouraging alignment adjustments and inspiring philosophical themes all beautifully woven into each and every one of her yoga and meditation classes. She’s definitely going to be missed here in Malta!
  • Having Yan as one of the 2 teachers during my teacher training course was such a blessing for so many reasons. Not only was her knowledge on the history and philosophy of yoga, the human anatomy and generally all things ‘yoga’ extremely helpful, but her loyalty to the practice as a whole totally inspiring. Yan is completely devoted to everything she teach’s and for me that is something quite special. She doesn’t just teach you, but guides you into your own journey by opening your mind to all the different concept’s that yoga brings. Getting to know Yan was a special and refreshing experience. Her story of leaving the medicine world to follow her heart and journey into yoga is exhilarating and motivating, and has encouraged me to follow my own and see where it takes me. Thank you Yan! and namaste 🙂
  • I have been attending Yan’s classes in Malta for about a year, both Vinyasa flow and the more stretching oriented Yin. In every occasion, she exudes a deep sense of calmness, her soft voice (and sometimes her delicate touch) bringing you to a mindful state of concentration on your body, your breath, your moves and poses. She has a distinguished ability to make you feel at ease, no matter what your level is. You are never forced beyond your limits, but when the class finishes, you feel like you did the best you could for your body and mind. A truly restoring experience also for those who train heavily like I do.
  • I met Yan at Freemyme Malta. I was immediately impressed with her vast knowledge of human anatomy, her calm and her serenity. In her yoga classes, I learned that there is more to the body than just a physical motion. She taught me to listen to my body, become aware of its subtle promptings and messages. She taught me how to trust, let go, be patient, surrender and lean in to what is happening within. Yan is one if the most accomplished and through yoga teachers I have had an opportunity to meet. She is an inspiration as a teacher, and academic and a person.
  • I hadn’t done almost any yoga before starting a ten session course in yoga with Yan. Yan was the perfect teacher for me as a complete rookie. She could sense when she could push a bit more and she also new when my limits were reached. She never made me feel bad although I wasn’t always happy about myself and my progress, she pushed me and motivated me the right way to continue froward and to be forgiving towards myself. The courses could me modified completely as I preferred and according to my own interests and needs. The yoga sessions I had taken before were in a group, but the private lectures/sessions with Yan were much more efficient and I learned so much more than had I done during the group sessions. Sometimes I felt frustrated because I couldn’t do some of the movements, but Yan gave me the perfect hints to get closer to accomplish these. And she could also correct minor things and details to make the movements even more efficient. I will definitely continue with yoga, I feel so much healthier in my body and after getting to know the basics via these private sessions I can maybe consider participating in some group sessions where the yoga teacher can’t correct details all the time. Many thanks Yan, take care,
  • Yan taught my 8 year old daughter and myself private yoga classes in our home for a few weeks. We both found Yan to be very warm, knowledgeable and passionate about yoga and the benefits of yoga. I liked that Yan was able to adapt the classes to what my daughter and I needed and was very approachable and authentic.
  • Yan has a calm and centred approach to teaching. During her classes, I feel like I’m healing and strengthening my body, and also my mind and soul. Yan’s classes really convey the message that yoga is a holistic practice. She does this by guiding her students’ into a present state of being through breath-work and meditation. Her classes encourage mindful movement. She provides a safe, accepting space for her students to practice. She challenges with love and acceptance of where each student is on their yoga journey. With her guidance, I have managed to be in yoga poses that I never thought my body could achieve. It has helped me to shift my sense of self, incorporating a belief that my body is strong and flexible. I have also been able to use yoga to get in touch with myself, to boost my mood, and to process emotions. I now love yoga and it has become an important part of my life.
  • As someone new and curious to yoga, I decided to take private lessons with Yan. She introduced me to various forms: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, and different kinds of restorative and meditative techniques. Every session offered something new, something to take home for my own practice. Yan is eager to share her knowledge and experience. She is a very patient teacher, and her kindness and warm energy put you at ease right away. She succeeds in creating the right setting for practice, relaxation, and concentration. In short, I am very grateful for having been a student of hers.
  • I first met Yan after hearing about her special 10-class offer for a course promising to teach “everything you need to know about yoga.” While the course was more specifically aimed at budding yogis, I came to Yan as an instructor looking to diversify my practice, learn from a wiser yogi than myself, and be pushed under the eye of a personal instructor. Yan provided exactly what I was looking for! I appreciated the fact that Yan listened to what I wanted but encouraged me to explore different versions of poses and practices. Being as insightful on asanas as yoga history, I loved that Yan was willing to chat with me about yoga after our sessions. Her loving presence and grounded nature made me feel immediately at-ease every time we met. When I left her classes, I felt like a warm ooze spreading back into the world!
  • I met Yan few months ago, when I came for my first class at Freemyme in Malta. She was my first point of contact with the place and fell in love with right away. After the first class, I always felt like coming back for more. Yan’s classes are one of a kind, with each being an amazing journey, full of magic which surrounds her beautiful self. At the same time she is a caring teacher, bringing the most of students potential, paying attention to each person’s limitations and capabilities, making sure everyone makes the most of each class. I would always feel well guided through the practice, and leave the class with a calm mind, relaxed and energized and the same time. Yan is one of those teachers who look like a born yogini…Her practice keeps in awe and inspires. I had a pleasure to get to know Yan closer, and she turned out to be just an amazing friend as a teacher. She’s ready to help and devote her time unconditionally. She’s full of love, compassion, fun… and all of that wrapped up in a positive and bright aura. To sum things up – Yan is amazing. She will always stay in my heart, and surely in everyone else’s who got to know her. Thank you for everything my lovely XxX
  • Over the time I have practiced yin yoga with Yan I have come to understand my body and mind better. She have not only taught me to become more flexible, but also more confident in finding which situations in my daily life causes stress and manage to handle them before they become overwhelming. The lessons are carefully planned to bring your awareness to the present and enable the body for the best conditions of reaching the deeper tissues and mental gratification. Yan gently guides her students through the most intense sequences “breath slow, breath deep, be aware…” which makes you withstand even the most intense pose. After each occasion I always leave the studio with a nice yoga high, open heart and a big smile. Thank you Yan!
  • I had the pleasure of practising yoga with Yan in Malta. She brings beautiful calming and positive energies. Her classes always helped me to be more mindful of the postures ensuring that I get the right adjustments and get as deep in to the posture as I’m comfortable with. She is a naturally gifted teacher who nicely balances and explains the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. Classes were always balanced between flow work, balance, and floor postures in the right amounts.
  • I met Yan just before her first yoga teacher training in Malta. At that time she had already travelled intensely and practiced with many different teachers all over the world. I admire Yan’s courage to follow her heart and am inspired by her story and by her devotion to her practice. The first classes Yan taught were Yin yoga classes, which matched her calm nature perfectly. Yan’s instructions in those classes really helped me recognize and focus more on the meditative elements in yoga. However, short after Yan started teaching more dynamic classes, too and also become my Ashtanga buddy. I very much enjoyed practising with her and discussing our experiences on and off the mat. Yan is a true Yogi and sees yoga as a way of living. She practises yoga not only in form of asanas but also in relationships, in her diet and in all daily happenings.
  • Yan is an inspiring yoga teacher. I was hooked after the first class. She helps you to connect with yourself, with your inner wisdom, and with your ability to live with purpose and passion through the unique atmosphere she makes. She is the space of unconditional love, joy, and growth. She is an excellent teacher instilling a love of yoga in her students with her skills, passion and compassion. Yan is simply exceptional, she exemplifies yoga principles of respect and attends to individual needs and circumstances without compromising high standards of practice and discipline. Yoga has changed my life for the better and I have Yan to thank for that. Yan means Yoga, Love and Respect. Get real. Get Yoga. Get Yan
  • Yan is a sweet, inspiring and fantastic person. As simple as that. With her yoga classes she has been helping to improve my posture. Back pain relief was a great consequence of the time spent with her. She takes a lot of pride and calm determination in investing her time to show you asanas and postures, knowing that for you it will be easy to look at but much harder to replicate and connect your body so that you can stimulate, stretch and relax according to what the position needs. To be a good yoga teacher you need to create connection with your crowd. Visual and spiritual. And Yan is great at doing so. Every Tuesday our Company organized an hour of Yoga with Yan and I can assure you that everybody, none excluded, felt much better after spending time with Yan and her yoga leadership. Yan is awesome!
  • Yan is an inspiring individual. Her passion for yoga both on and off the mat is exemplary. As an instructor, she instills empowerment by offering guidance to unify the mind, body and spirit. She instills calm, yet challenges you to push your limits. She gives all of herself in everything that she does and despite her quiet demeanor she leaves a lasting impression on anyone she comes into contact with.
  • Want to embrace and understand? Yan is one of the best I encountered in the world of YOGA in 20+ years within 4 continents. Enjoy the present of her presence, if she accepts you as her student.’
  • Yan is softly spoken, instantly approachable and full of warm and calming energy. Determined and focused, she is not easily discouraged and brings her absolute 100% to her practice, which reflects her dedication to teaching and sharing of her experiences. In Yan, you will find a deep sense of peace and contagious calmness.
  • I experienced with Yan special moments, special feelings... It is hard to put in words or to describe how grateful Iam to have met her.. She is not just a teacher for Yin Asana, she also has a deep understanding of how to resolve struggles in the mind.. She is a beautiful teacher with the power of inner fire but at the same time veeery calm and gentle.. Yan softened my practice, she gave me a deep understanding of how physical body works, and how important it is to stay always with the breath. Feeling it all from inside out.. i will always come back to her teachings, wherever I may meet her again ❤️❤️❤️ Only Love and gratitude
  • Yan is the most incredible Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher in the world, I can imagine. She was the second teacher in our 300h TTC and I'm so glad about it. I loved her classes! Also I love her energy, her smile and her whole attitude! Definitely one of those teachers I would love to see again one day! (I will) 😊 I will do the effort to see her again, because she taught me how powerful and beautiful yin yoga really is (and many other things)! Thank you so much Yan! Forever in deepest Gratitude! 🙏❤️
  • Thank you Yan for such an amazing experice on your 1 week intensive immersion. I really feel like I made great progress and have been able to take away some great tools to use in my daily life. Yan is a true yogi and its obvious that the wisdom she shares with people comes from a place of personal experience and growth. Not just from reading books or memorising lines. If you have the chance don't miss out on an opportunity to learn from her
  • I just completed an amazing 8 day yoga and meditation immersion in the jungle of Ubud with Bodhini Yoga. Would highly recommend!!! Yan is an exceptional guide and truly lives and breathes the practice. She gently supported us to surrender to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual edge and break through our self defeating limitations. If you get the chance to practice with her I would highly recommend!! The setting was spectacular and deeply peaceful. The food was delicious and sourced from fresh, local ingredients. All in all a life changing experience. 🙏
  • Yan's retreat was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. The yoga, meditation and the gentle supportive energy at the retreat and from Yan not only deepened my practice, but more importantly, led to a profound shift that transformed me from within. This transformation must have been visible, because shortly after I returned home from the retreat, my best friend and partner were asking me how can they join the next retreat! Thank you, Yan.