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IMG_6543– Lake Taupo, New Zealand –

– 2/2/17 – 6/2/17 –

It’s taken a few days to recover but I sit here, back near Auckland, ready to share my Lake taupo Wanderlust experience with you all.

Firstly I’d like to thank the whole crew that made this beautiful festival possible. I see it very much as a gateway for a lot of spiritual seekers to become inspired and muster up a flurry of willpower to search for deeper truth and meaning in their lives. It’s been a joyful and interactive festival that has subtly challenged the mundane ways of life and whispered into everyones ear ‘here’s another way to exist’.

The whole long weekend was dotted with inspiring yoga teachers and spiritual practitioners that have shared something very special simply through their presence; shared their authentic, radiant and refined state of being that has culminated from their practice of yoga and meditation. If their subtle spiritual presence was missed, their mastery of self was more obviously etched into their strong lean graceful bodies.

I made a well informed decision to volunteer for the set up and break down of the festival which meant I was there from the pumped up outset and there for the intimate closing ‘pat on the back’. It was wonderful to see in just a week, a journey of coming and going, building and breaking down, rising and falling; The beauty of the flow of creations impermanence.

Ironically, just before the launch, I fell into a small rabbit hole moving my tent and sprained my ankle which had me limping around just a day before the festival! It was officially documented and I was ordered not to do any work that involved moving and standing! You can imagine the self deprecating feelings and thought forms that traversed through my mind; the fun weekend wasn’t free from my ongoing internal processing and healing; every moment in life is an opportunity to wake up and transmute internal matter that no longer serves us, into the light of awareness.

What initially seemed like a curse ended up being a blessing that sent me to work with the production team in the main office…the place where the big buffs hung out and made all the decisions and did all the troubleshooting. It was chaotic and fascinating to be in the heart of the creation of the festival and I was so so happy to be able to help troubleshoot at the festival…including saving their neck with foreseeing a wifi problem in the outer venues.

As most of my shifts were before the festival, I got a lot of free time during the festival to enjoy the whole schedule! And when my ankle healed, I really dived in deep. I launched myself into every class I could squeeze into, receiving wisdom from big yogi names such as Elena Brower, Rod stryker and Eion Finn. These three particularly had an inspirational presence and ability to open those around them. They all carried the message of love, presence and radical acceptance.

The music on stage and in the main cafe area was a joy to relax to, especially the magical fingers of Arli on his guitar during classes. His love and joy really radiated out through his music and I have already downloaded it onto my Yin with Yan soundcloud playlist, ready for my next lucky students. 🙂

It was a pretty luxurious event and the camping volunteers more than often snuck into the five star resorts naturally heated swimming pools and relaxed in the cosy lounge areas. I even managed to persuade a few spoons of yoghurt from the kitchen to finish off my last bits of granola. Little gestures and a touch of humanity went a long way.

I’m now back up north, after just hearing from Kawai Pura Pura retreat centre that they had accepted me as a volunteer! 🙂 and so the next journey has already begun, I’m due to teach my first yoga class here next thursday morning on top of the usual wwoofing activities. All fun and games in this life.

From my heart to your heart, the eternal love that bathes this life.


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