Why practice Yoga?

sunset house 2How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Do you wake up happy, content, connected and at peace? Or do you roll over and hope for a few more moments in bed? Perhaps you feel lazy? A sense of dread? Emptiness? Or even worse…complete numbness?

However you wake up in the morning, this is why you should practice yoga.

If you are happy and content, yoga will take you even deeper into moments of peace and self realisation. If you are lazy, yoga will renew your passion, drive and willpower. If you wake up dreading, yoga will bring you back to reality, back to your breath and body, back into the now, where worries do not exist. If you are empty, yoga will fill your heart back up with your sense of purpose, and if you are numb, yoga will bring you back to your senses, back to your feelings and back to your love.

In short, if we wake up, we should practice yoga.

Yoga isn’t mere exercise. It is a path, a journey to your true self.

If one day you woke up and forgot who you were, wouldn’t it be your deepest desire to find out and remember? It would surely be your imperative. The problem is, most of the population are still sleeping. They have not yet woken up to see that they suffer amnesia and so there is no drive to find out who they are. It only takes a moment however, a blink of an eye, to wake up and see our unconscious suffering. Then the conscious spiritual journey starts there. This is where yoga can guide you.

Yoga teaches you how to live your life and how to treat yourself, others and mother nature; it teaches you how to consciously program your inner world and attitudes; it conditions your body and mind towards purity; it raises your vibration and balances your energy; and it takes you into the depth of your being, into your heart, your true self, your home.

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