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My life has been such that bone trembling quakes happen on a regular basis, creating gaping canyons in the earth, so that the course of my life is permanently changed again and again. Like a peaceful unassuming and spirited lemming, I walk, hit the end of the road, turn right, hit the end of the road, turn back, hit the end of the road, turn right……and so forth until one day, I might fall through the earth and into Gods arms.
Numerous faces have fallen softly over me, throughout my life, deceivingly and discreetly without my permission or will….Confused child > angry teenager > freedom loving student > stubborn sister > Proud doctor > Defeated radiologist > soul searcher > dedicated yogi > committed partner > solo nomad > willful yoga teacher > breathing pulsating entity of light and change….>>>>>>>
I’m getting quite use to it, this change. In fact I’ve come to the point of knowing that it will be an ongoing occurrence and I have conditioned myself to receive change in the most open and optimistic way. Every time change happens, however big, small, devastating or wonderful, I have come to bow my head to it and open up my palms to receive. A great sense of anticipation and curiosity always resides deep in my heart, asking… what is there to learn from this?
I walk the path with the senses wide open and a deeply accepting perception, seeing the patterns that govern my every move and my every outcome. I see the delicate play of the interaction of my internal forces with the forces around me…This life has become a lesson in myself and all of existence…in fact, there is no distinction.
Whatever happens on the outside or inside, matters not. Every moment is an opportunity to see profound truths… what is it I am not seeing? where are my blind spots? who is in the driving seat now?… and how can I open my heart more to let true knowledge stream in?
I’ve noticed that we suffer the most when a temporary identity we hold, fails to surrender to change. We forget that in fact, we ARE change and we are interconnectedness. All that has sprouted from the seed is an ever growing tree, swaying and warping with the seasons. The energetic aspect of ourselves, our body, our mind, our feelings and identities, all that is grossly and subtly tangible…all of this is change by nature. Nature is moving, nature is change. Nothing is fixed within this existence.
Change is the expression of consciousness, of love.
To drop into the ‘isness’, is to drop wholeheartedly into change, becoming the stillness, the presence that is in fact change.
If we try to block or grab hold of a wave, it disperses through our fingertips, changing the course of its destiny, but continuing non the less. Would you ever dream of trying to stop a 10 foot wave? No. You had better duck your head deep into the ocean of life, let it embrace you fully and take you where ever it wants to go.
This is the easiest way to cope with change… Don’t fight it. Take a deep breath. Duck your whole being into the ocean of life. Pray. Surrender. And just flow with it. When the wave passes, resurface and you may find yourself on paradise island… maybe…that depends very much on your own perceptions 🙂
So it looks like I’ll be on the road again soon and leaving Phuket. It will have been my home for 7 months by the time I leave at the end of July. If you were planning to visit me…now’s the time to squeeze it in! lol.
I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for my time here. It landed on my lap exactly when I needed it and has been a time of deep introspection, quietude, relaxation and becoming of heart.
I’m so thrilled to have been invited back to New Zealand and India to teach on teacher training programs and present at the international yoga festival next year 🙂 Requests and bookings have also been coming in for my Bali course which I’m super excited about. It’s looking like dynamism is around the corner 🙂
Sending you all waves of love and joy.
May we bump paths as lemmings on this beautiful land.

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