Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – Upward facing dog


Upward facing dog

Directions from Chaturanga dandasana:

Breath: Inhale

Using the arms, draw the chest forward and up,

Straighten up the elbows

Lift the head and back

Roll forward over the toes to bring the top of the feet onto the ground.

Sink the hips, bending deeply at the waist,

Keep the thighs and knees off the ground
Intention in pose:

Push through hand and roll the elbows back (external rotation shoulders)

Draw the shoulders down the back and open the chest (Shoulder girldle depression and retraction)

Keep sinking the hips and bending deeply at the waist (Spinal extention)


Strengthens shoulders.

Deep stretch and opening along front side of body.

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