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21369478_10101659536624032_4221908749981975061_nA few days after my arrival in Rishikesh having sampled the local teachers only to be somewhat deflated with what was on offer, I had concluded to stop searching and to trust my inner teacher in my own daily self practice. A few days were spent on my mat in our rented apartment and I was thoroughly enjoying my time with myself.

IMG_0364Thinking this would constitute the rest of my time here in Rishikesh, unpredictably as ever, one midnight, I happened upon the perfect course for me online, one that I had actually seen previously but had forgotten about! And it started the very next day!

21317577_10101659296370502_8305135756698821455_nA giddy excitement symbolized a blessing togo ahead and a few frantic text messages and a visit to the ashram in the morning and here I am now, on day 6 of the Tattva advanced 300 hour intermediate series Ashtanga yoga teacher training with Kamal Singh.

IMG_0260 (2)As always, I enjoy learning lessons the hard and fast way. Although I practice yoga on pretty much every day of my current existence…various asana, meditation, mantra, self study or just trying to be awake in a sleepy world, it’s been almost 10 months without a regular ‘full’ ashtanga practice. Inthe first few days I’ve welcomed back all the aches and pains and moans and groans. How I’ve missed challenging myself and breaking through the complacent ego and feelings that have had too much time to get comfortably attached to life.

I’ve effectively signed myself up to 5 weeks of daily Mysore practice where the intermediate series postures will be added on gradually to a level appropriate for my body. For me it seems like the perfect next step. I’m also going into more depth with all the traditional Hatha pranayama and cleansing practices, Yoga Nidra, meditation and yogic philosophy. 🙂

Being a traveling yogi, and only getting to sample studios for short periods of time, I’ve never had the pleasure of a stable Ashtanga teacher and so my practice has never had achance to evolve. Although I realize this course is unconventional, it seems like the only way to fill a natural yearning to expand my own practice.

IMG_0212Just like a river flowing steadily back to the ocean, life has a natural movement and drive that should be honored and not restricted or hurried along. Turbulence occurs when we question and break our natural flow.

My tendency has always been to hold myself back, to suppress and to resist a natural pull forward, often telling myself false ideas of what it means to be content and spiritual by not grasping….all the while, feeling a little stuck and miserable. It is not natural to try to contain air. Even now, I’m continually shown who’s boss and I repeatedly bow down and surrender to the nature of this mind, body and life. It’s will is out of my handsand in that of another that cannot be described. My work is to simply practice to realize this.

IMG_0704Contentment is to allow life to flow according to itself. Peace and serenity come when we give up fighting with nature and accept every moment as a gift of love.

IMG_0242 (2)It’s been wonderful being back at school and being a student again. I’m so grateful to have fallen upon this opportunity. I have a lovely intimate group of just 5 teacher trainees and all of us are current yoga teachers so we are able to share our experiences with each other. 

IMG_0340Happy belated teachers day for all you wonderful souls out there. Being a devoted student of life is the best lesson that we can inspire others with. Only in being a humble student, are we also a beloved teacher.

Love always


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