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The Way of Yoga

sunset walk

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you really want to put the yogic stamp on your life.

They are:

  1. fix your diet… going on the provisor that you are what you eat. Go pure and clean. Vegetarian is a good starting place. Stay fresh and cut out all the junk and processed stuff. Treat your body as a temple. 
  2. Care for your body. That means the right amount of exercise, the right amount of stretch and release and the right amount of rest. All the different forms of yoga out there can give you this. 
  3. Breathe deep and slow. If you want to transcend the physical, you have to start to pay attention to your breath. It holds a lot of mystery for you to decode and is intimately linked with your energy body, mind and emotions. Master everything by first starting to observe and master the breath.
  4. Get to know your mind and what you want for it. There are a tonne of meditation techniques out there, but we must first begin by knowing what we actually want  from meditation, otherwise we’re just grasping around in the dark and likely making things worse for our poor little minds. So what is it? Is your mind calm or hectic? compassionate or critical? focused or distracted? engaged or dissociated? happy or sad? intelligent or full of ignorance? open or stubborn? How can we begin to do what’s right for us if we don’t have a clear idea of where are are currently at? Monkey mind? …. sure then single pointed focus on the breath is beneficial. Excessive self criticism? … then maybe meditation on the goddess of compassion is what you need. Dissociated? … then perhaps hit up the body scanning. Sad? … try a little bit of laughing and inner smile meditation perhaps. 
  5. Scrutinise and re-align your beliefs, actions and intentions. Try to see where each one might lead you. It can be rather sobering when we catch ourselves mid action in poor integrity, ill will or unwholesome character.  I’ve caught myself many a time, often with jaw dropping and shame inducing insight. More often than not, we find that it is unresolved fear, anger or excessive desire and greed that drives the dark corners of our subconscious mind. When we catch it, it is a real gift if we remember not to judge ourselves, but instead give deep thanks for the recognition and break the old cycle by letting it go. It is not you!
  6. Question the very nature of your existence as a human being. Who am I? Beyond the body, emotions, mind, intellect, personality… who am I? This is where yoga takes you. To break down reality as you know it, and show you something you couldn’t possibly fathom.  
  7. Do it all for the betterment of existence, humanity, the universe, all things… anything but yourself. That doesn’t mean we should make ourselves a martyr. We can and should take care of ourselves if that is what is needed to help us keep balanced and able to reflect a positive and caring disposition to the world. Self care and self evolution is key but it must be for a cause greater than our individual self… because you will come to see eventually, that self is in all things.  
  8. Be kind. Be gentle. Be joyful. Be happy. Moral and ethical codes are there to help you to continually self reflect and re-align. They are not there to condemn you, but to reveal to you where your work is. There is some truth to the Christian belief than we are all born into sin. If Sin means to have simply forgotten God, or lets say spirit or absolute truth, universal consciousness… then yes, very orientation is centred around a false sense of self, the seed that leads to a great deal of wrong identity and suffering. It is no ones fault, but it is journey of each individual to peel away the layers of falsehood and come to the innate goodness and divinity within. 

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