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After a challenging final day of my fast on day 9, my body was not so subtly letting me know to EAT again! lol. I had decided to collect some fruit and veg in preparation to break my fast at an ‘official’ 10 days when I found myself wandering straight into the kitchen, cooking and downing a sweet tomato broth. Being as slim as I was already, I dropped from 48kg quite rapidly and began to hit 43kg on the scale and was starting to move like an asian zombie with a blood thirst for food…It was time. I couldn’t help but muse at my mind for its non-sensical reasons to hold back and hit 10 days. It felt right to break the fast when I did and so that is what happened.

I’m now on day 5 of re-feeding and boy do I feel good. Like a ‘born again’ yogi, my mind is a little crisper, body a little lighter and heart much more open. Emotional blocks, fears and limiting beliefs that were holding me back for the past year just don’t seem to be there anymore… It’s quite a bizarre feeling. I’m actually just getting on with things and makings things happen.

I’m in the process of organising a wonderful mini yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali next September 1st if any big hearts are interested, watch this space indeed. I’m uploading the content as we speak and I’m very excited. 🙂

For the last 5 days I have been eating the most wonderful healing foods from mother earth, copious amounts of fruit and vegetables to re-establish my physical balance and strength….and I can still do my forearm and handstands (she says with childish delight), I’m so glad that my strength has somewhat been maintained.

Sending you all love from this mad experimental Yogini xXx



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