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Enquire into everything until your head hurts, your mind implodes and your ego self destructs.
…That is one way to yoga, to union.
Seek knowledge, not with the relentless voice in your head but with the silent enquiry from the heart. Look, listen, smell, taste, feel, and you will begin to sense the insensible, until you have all the knowledge of the universe cradled in your all knowing presence. Enquire with an openness and curiosity so big, that nothing will be missed. In gaining the full, unedited picture, you will come to understand that you are one and all.

Action with a fully directed attention, a firm steady focus, and a sharp penetrating awareness until every atom in your body becomes fully integrated and aligned with life.
…That is one way to yoga, to union.
Action in the same dedicated manner towards all tasks in life: the enjoyable, the mundane and the dreaded. Action both on and off the mat. Action without expectation of thought or gain. Action through all the stale and limiting feelings that would normally hold one back from life and let every stagnant belief that doesn’t serve the pure action of life, fall away in dedicated practice. Action always with total devotion so that every effort transforms you into the fullness of the experience itself and you will realise that you are no less than the magnificent action of the entire universe.

Love every little thing and everything between, until all transforms back in to unconditional love.
…That is one way to yoga, to union.
Love the light side with the most humble heart; love the dark side with the greatest patience and compassion. Love the neutral with the deepest awe and inspiration; love all of life with the greatest respect and reverence. Practice a deep, open, surrendered and accepting love to dissolve all barriers around the heart until every label, identity, feeling and idea that separates us from all that exists, crashes back into the limitless and expansive heart of love.

Be the silence, be the stillness, be the space within all things. See the watcher, hear the hearer, know the knower, become aware of awareness itself.
…That is one way to yoga, to union.
Meditate and reside in the awareness within all that dances in its wake and you will come to fully realise what Self is. Introvert and move your attention within. Seek and have your compass pointed towards the true self, towards freedom from suffering and ignorance and you will reveal all the veils of the mistaken self, until you come straight back to the purity of the formless self with no whisper of a doubt left about who you truly are. After trialling many meditation techniques, I have realised that all are correct, all have their benefits depending on ones changing circumstances and state of mind. At present, I’m deeply grateful for Ramana Maharshi’s self enquiry method. In this practice, attention is placed entirely on the self and we reside in a firm one-pointedness of the self, until every aspect that is not the true self, reveals itself and falls away. Our true self is one and the same as all other true selves and in this realisation, we meet at the oneness of God.

So Enquire, Action, Love, and Be.
Do one or all of the above and you will cultivate and manifest a profound shift in the direction of the all beings towards greater understanding, unity and love for all.

Peace and happiness always.


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