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The only diet is awareness of eating

noodle soup

The effect and influence of food on our body and mind is much more imminent and intricate than most people realise.

Throughout my pre-yogic life, I often caved to the senses and cravings, eating whatever I wanted, well beyond the feeling of fullness. I could never shift the weight I wanted to lose and never felt content in my body. I often suffered from post postprandial exhaustion, gastritis and seriously sluggish and bloated bowels. I had tried so many ways to cut and diet for image based reasons and always my attempts failed due to lack of will.

I have come to realise that underlying all of our unhealthy eating and diet patterns is the lack of awareness, experiential knowledge and true wisdom that comes from simply being present with, observing and listening to the feedback of the body and mind.

There have been so many ideas about foods and diets from endlessly conflicting research and opinion that I’m starting to feel that I cannot entertain or believe any of it. My feeling is that we should not label or box ourselves or buy into any particular food, diet or restriction, based on what we are told or have read. Instead we should approach food with an openness and curiosity that naturally invites us to wake up to and observe the affect of food on our being.

As we evolve through our spiritual practice and become more attuned to our being, we automatically see what rings true to us in any given moment. By taking the time to simply be with our body and state of mind throughout mealtimes, we will develop a sensitivity and knowing that will automatically point us in the direction of our dietary needs.

To fuel your healthy eating journey, simply start to pay attention, observe and notice how certain foods make you feel. Forget the hard and fast rule and instead dive into your divine inner witness and become your own empowered experimenter and researcher and draw your own unique conclusions.

Some foods may make you feel weak, lazy, slow, dull, heavy, disconnected and lethargic, such as meats or processed, refined and stale foods. Other foods may overstimulate, agitate and cause tension and restlessness in mind and body, such as caffeinated products and stimulants, spices and fried foods. There are purer more wholesome foods, usually coming direct and non-tampered from mother nature, which are naturally balanced nutritionally and aligned to the needs of our body, these may include organic fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and water. These foods I have found lead to a clean, pure, vital and healthy body that is naturally as ease and thus supports our spiritual practice.

It wasn’t until after I experimented with giving up certain foods, introducing more wholesome ones and sampling different ways of eating and fasting, that the effect of food on my mind and body became apparent. Naturally, I began to give up meat and now slowly dairy and have taken to different methods of fasting. The overall affects have been astounding. I instantly shed unnecessary body weight and became increasingly strong and lean. Mentally I feel much lighter, more alive and full of energy.

My shopping list largely consists of fruit, vegetables and whole natural foods with no additives or preservatives, organic if possible. It’s actually a relief to be able to skip out 75% of supermarket products. I still eat fish, eggs and small amounts of dairy at present and you know what?….it’s completely ok; my intentions are good and I am doing what resonates and what is true to me.

Along my healthy eating journey I have captured some of my vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian recipes that I hope you will inspire you into conscious healthy eating.

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