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This takes me right back to India and all the crazy treasured memories. A wholesome healthy fix that will leave you filled for longer. A lot of my measures are guestimations as I literally just feel my way around then try to remember how much of what I used after. Hehe. You’ll just have to play around too. Tis the way of the yogi to explore 🙂 🤗💛🌺
Love you all xXx
1 portion / 1/2 cup hulled split yellow mung bean
Handful finely grated carrot
Handful finely grated pumpkin
Handful small cubed pumpkin
1 finely grated tomato (half, remove and keep seeds and then grate flesh holding skin side until only thin skin is left. Discard skin )
1/2 thumb ginger finely grated
Light soy sauce
Black pepper
Handful chopped coriander
Sesame or olive oil
(Alternative options – you can also experiment adding diced corn, green beans, sweet potato, squash etc…)
1) Wash well and soak mung beans for an hour (I only managed 20 min and it was fine lol). Wash again, drain and transfer to rice cooker or small deep pan. Add enough water to cover with about 1 cm more above lentils.
2) Start rice cooker or pan. If in pan bring to boil and immediately down to lowest heat to simmer. Add a few cracks of salt. You can also add maybe a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric but I didn’t have any! 3) Next prepare all vegetables adding to rice cooker as you go, grated ginger, grated carrot, grated pumpkin, tomato seeds, grated tomato, and chopped pumpkin.
4) Keep adding water as required to keep a curry/thick soup comsistency. Allow to cook with lid on and stir frequently until cooked through and lentils are mushy and pumpkin cubes soft.
5) Season with salt, black pepper, light soy sauce to taste.
6) Transfer to bowl and sprinkle with coriander.
7) Add a dash of olive or sesame oil as you prefer.
Enjoy with all your heart.

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