Are you looking for a supportive spiritual family to connect to, evolve and transform with?

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Come Join Our Spirit Community in Ubud Bali, Next retreat season

1st Sept – 30th Nov 2019

At Suly Tree, our Spirit Community, in Ubud Bali, we are dedicated to supporting all forms of spiritual practice, whether your flavor is Yoga, meditation, Tai chi, Qigong, Dance, creative expression, art, spiritual study or a still and silent tuning in to self.

We are driven to offer accessible and affordable community stays so that everyone can join in and take part in our full schedule of activities and interact as a community to foster each others spiritual growth. Practices shared here, include meditation, breathwork, dynamic and restorative Yoga and other mindful movement modalities such as Tai chi, and Qigong, mindful sunrise walks, light working meditation, spiritual screenings, philosophical discussion, sharing circles and community led workshops.


** When our hearts are open, the messages appear**

What makes the experience at Suly Tree so real, connected, fun, supportive and memorable, is that we open up the opportunity for you to express yourself within the community, by giving you the option to share a class or workshop with the group in order to foster the growth of yourself and the collective as a whole. We believe it truly is a gift to learn and grow together in such a way, no matter where you are on your journey.

Do you have the openness and curiosity to express, share or receive knowledge, life experience, spiritual practices and healing tools with the community?

Guest led workshops could be anything from a spiritual discourse, life coaching, time line therapy, energy healing, diet education, trauma releasing exercises, mandala painting, breath-work, art therapy, poetry writing, singing circles, mindful movement facilitation, mala bead making or a spiritual book club.

If you have your heart in any of these areas or any other spiritual modality, we welcome you to come forth and share it with the community during our afternoon workshops to help the community learn and grow together. 
For those who’d prefer to simply be on the receiving end, this is a wonderful opportunity to have your hearts opened and be inspired by friends from all over the world 🙂


Suly Tree Spirit Community has acquired a rather unique traditional Balinese playground to plant its seeds in.

This amazingly peaceful and serene tropical green space dotted with grand old Balinese architecture is surrounded by stunning rice paddies and a breathtaking volcano backdrop. It was once a grand resort and spa, now slightly passed its hay day and has been offered to us by Rini the owner, to support and grow a spiritual community.

We have two shala spaces, a meditation pyramid, a co-creation lounge, 2 swimming pools, lots of resting pagodas, a healthy vegan vegetarian kitchen and a smoothie hut, all dotted within lush sprawling gardens and palm trees. This is truly a unique and quirky hidden wonderland with a revitalizing energy and fresh air, just moments from the centre of Ubud.


* We grow together as a heart centered family
* We encourage sharing of ideas, experiences, practices and healing modalities. 
* We value openness, honesty, trust, patience and respect.
* We always move towards kindness, care and compassion,
* We promote diligent and devoted practice.
* We live in the spirit of giving.
* We strive for a deep inner inquiry to cut through our blind spots and raise our consciousness for the benefit of ourselves, others and all of life.

If you love the sound of this community, we’d love to have you on board and look forward to having you stay with us and leaving your beat in this community heart.


Our community stay program is inclusive of your choice of accommodation, 3 healthy vegan meals a day that support an intermittent fasting regime, a full program of activities and some light working meditation.

Throughout the week, we rotate between different activities, giving you plenty to explore together.


06:00 Sunrise activity: Meditation, Breath work, silent sunrise walk
07:15 Morning practice: Yoga, tai chi, Qigong 
09:00 Healthy vegan Breakfast 
10:30 Light working meditation (tidying our community)
12:00 Healthy vegan lunch
14:30 Guest led workshop facilitation
16:30 Light vegan supper (supports 16 hr intermittent fasting)
18:30 Group discussion & sharing circles – spiritual screenings, readings & philosophy, meditation, welcomes & goodbyes
19:00 Evening practice – restorative yin yoga, meditation, yoga nidra
21:30 Inner silence
22:00 Lights out



We have two half rest days per week where the community can relax, arrange day trips to the local black sand beach and volcano hikes together, stroll through the paddy fields, visit the monkey forest or water temple or a visit the lively Ubud centre for some spiritual nik naks.


As a community we are helping to care for and maintain the Suly Tree Space offered to us by Rini, slowly molding it to support our needs. Each day, as a group collective, we partake in a light 1.5 hour working meditation, keeping our space fresh and clean to support our stay together.

For those who would like a little more time to themselves, there is the option to opt out of working meditation each day by making a small contribution to the community of 50K IDR (3.5 USD) per day.


We support inter-community sharing and would love you to come forward and share a session to add to the livelihood and experience of the community as a whole. Would you love to express and share your knowledge, experience, practices and healing tools with the community? 
Just let us know when you get in touch what it is that you’d like to share. This is completely optional and flexible and you won’t be bound should you change your mind. You can also simply decide to share something once you arrive and drop into the community by writing your session up on the community board. We like to be flexible and go with the flow. 🙂


Each evening from 9.30pm until 7.15am the next day, we practice mouna, inner silence, relaxing back into the space of the silent witness. Such a practice is a powerful tool for continuing to cultivate the benefits of mindfulness throughout sleep. This is a subtle practice that reveals to us a great deal of wisdom and knowledge about ourselves when we take the time to refrain from unnecessary thinking, planning, writing, talking, action and consuming of media. All intention and energy is given to pure awareness.


To gain the most out of your stay and support the practice of others, we strongly encourage the community to eliminate or moderate their digital technology use to a few hours per day. To support a complete digital detox, we are offering an optional storage facility where you can store your phones with us during your stay. Please refrain from using your technology in the shala and meditation spaces and public garden areas. Should you wish to use your devices, you are welcome to use the dedicated co-creation lounge, reception area and restaurant (outside of main meal times) for this purpose.


Suly Tree operates a no meat, no alcohol, no drugs and no smoking policy to nurture the health and vitality of our spirit community. We ask for your support and understanding. There will be a dedicated space just outside of the community for smokers to use if needed.



Our karma yoga stays are perfect for those who’d like to weave more deeply into our community at an even more reduced rate in exchange for approximately 20 hours of volunteering a week and still enjoy most of the schedule on offer.

There is a minimum of a 1 week stay for our karma yoga programs and extension will be based on a weekly review.

Only 8 spots are available.

Our community is seeking special skills in the areas of maintenance, IT, administration, professional photography, videography, marketing, social media management and assistant program manager.


06:00 Sunrise activity: Meditation, Breath work, silent sunrise walk
07:15 Morning practice: Yoga, tai chi, Qigong or self practice
09:00 Vegan Breakfast 
10:00 – 12:00 Volunteering (Every day)
12:00 Vegan lunch buffet
14:00 – 16:30 Volunteering/Guest led workshops (alternating days)
16:30 Early light vegan supper (supports 16 hr intermittent fasting regime each day)
18:30 Group discussion & sharing – spiritual screenings, readings & philosophy, meditation, welcomes & goodbyes
19:00 Evening practice – restorative yin yoga, meditation, yoga nidra
21:30 Inner silence
22:00 Lights out



Cindy, our in house mama at Veggie Karma Kitchen creates delicious, healthy and nourishing vegan buffet spreads for us each day, free from additives and preservatives and full of fresh wholesome goodness. 

We will enjoy a light breakfast at 9am, a large filling buffet lunch at 12pm and a super light early soup supper at 4.30pm. Our eating schedule supports an intermittent fasting regime of 16 hours which is an incredibly powerful and healing eating habit to explore with us, if you are keen to find more balance and purity in your body, mind and soul, to bring you greater vitality and clarity in your being.

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You’ll be happy to know that Suly has an array of accommodation options to suit all budgets. 🙂

The Bunk House

‘The bunk house’ is our dedicated dormitory space offering 4 and 6 bed dorm rooms, each with their own shared bathroom.

The Suly Residences

‘The Suly Residence’ is our large towel block offering standard rice field view and superior rice field view double and twin rooms. All rooms come with a super comfortable bed, fridge, air conditioning, wardrobe, desk and chairs and a private bathroom. Our superior rooms have tea and coffee making facilities, a larger bathroom with bathtub and a balcony to enjoy the stunning view.

The Garden Cottages

We also have a few ‘Garden cottages’ dotted along Suly Tree garden, offering deluxe double rooms. This rooms are more spacious with a 4 poster bed, air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, a larger bathroom with bathtub and a large garden balcony.


Community Program Stays


6 bed bunk: 1510K (105 usd)
4 bed bunk: 1610K (112 usd)
Private RF view double for 1 person: 2436K (170 usd)
Private Superior double for 1 person: 3241k (225 usd)
Private Superior double/twin for 2 persons: 4448K (309 usd)


6 bed bunk: 2157k (150 usd)
4 bed bunk: 2300k (160 usd)
Private Rice Field view double for 1 person: 3479k (242 usd)
Private Superior double for 1 person: 4629k (322 usd)
Private Superior double/twin for 2 persons: 6354K (442 usd)


6 bed bunk: 3019K (210 usd)
4 bed bunk: 3220K (224 usd)
Private Rice Field view double for 1 person: 4871K (339 usd)
Private Superior double for 1 person: 6481K (451 usd)
Private Superior double/twin for 2 persons: 8896K (619 usd)




Dorm bed in the bunk house: 1610K (112 usd)
Private standard double room for 1 person: 3019K (210 usd)
Private double/twin for 2 persons: 5515K (384 usd)


Dorm bed in the bunk house: 3220K (224 usd)
Private standard double room for 1 person: 6037K (420 usd)
Private double/twin for 2 persons: 11029K (767 usd)


For more information or to book, just send us a personal message via the following options:

Whatsap Messenger:


Facebook messenger: