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I’ve been getting a strong message this month, that the opportunity for huge internal growth for most of us is actually through the strong feeling of fear that some of us might be experiencing right now.

Curiously, I have had a heightened awareness of fear when it arises in me these last few weeks. This morning I decided to explore a new beach… I parked up my bike and began to walk alone through the little thai nature trail. I was immediate overcome by a feeling of fear projecting out in the idea of being bitten by a snake and I nearly turned back. At that moment of hesitation, I caught myself, time froze, I was in a moment of Sati (awareness) and I saw my fear and mind stuff for what it was. A natural and instant relaxation happened…a loosening of the internal grip from the feeling. The feeling was still there to a degree but my relationship to it had changed…I was now looking directly at it, instead of through it. I had gained my presence back and became the one in charge, not fear…. and I chose to walk ahead, I chose to breathe, I chose to bring forth a sense of courage and determination to ensure that I would continue to move forth in the direction of my conscious choosing.

My dreams have also taken on a peculiar horror-esque like genre. In one dream a few days ago, I was being attacked by snakes and last night I had a ‘chukky’ type dream of trying to escape from being chillingly and traumatically killed…it was a real psychological thriller. What was odd, was that I could sense my presence behind the dream, I knew I was dreaming and I was just there watching my subconscious play out. I have a clear memory of the feeling of fear driving the whole dream…pulling out all the content of my subconsciously stored up horror movies to give me a thrilling ride through the night. I woke up in the night, sat up and meditated on the feeling. I watched how it made me feel, where it was in the body and any subtle reaction or aversion to it….I got up really close and personal to discriminate what it was.

Behind all of this internal Kung Fu is the message to hold strong, stand your ground, keep moving forward in the direction of your heart and don’t let fear fool you or hold you back. The arising of fear IS the opportunity to transform our internal environment, through conscious will and effort.

With a sharp mind we can lock on to the seed of fear with laser like focus and execute our awareness of it to uproot it and transmute it into pure awareness. This neither resists nor succumbs to the feeling, but instead gives it the perfect conscious breathing ground for it to release itself from you.

This month stay sharp and stand your ground when fear tells you you’re not good enough, when fear tells you you’ll never amount to anything, when fear tells you to retract back to comfort, when fear tells you to go for the secure mundane, when fear tells you to take any path other than where your heart compass is pointing.

Your task is to bust pass every limiting fear based belief about yourself and free yourself from its chains.

This is a time for a great inner transformation that will buy you your freedom.

In the picture is my old Tae Kwon Do Master Suh and I back in my martial arts days. I’m so grateful to have the feeling and memory of him burning bright in my heart. He represents courage, fearlessness, firm and unwavering determination, complete and utter compassion and unconditional love. Since his passing, he’s helped me through the most fearful times of my life since I set foot on my inner path. No fear can get passed his light.

May his force of love and protection extend to all of you.

With my deepest love, Be free.

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