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Food matters. Fact.

The effect on our body, energy and mind is much more imminent and impactful than most people realise.

At times we can cave to our senses, cravings and desires, eating whatever we want, well beyond feeling full and suffer post postprandial sluggishness, gastritis and bloating. Succumbing to our senses every time also makes our will weaker and weaker, to the point where we no longer have control of our senses, our higher discriminative mind has gone to sleep.

Underlying all of our unhealthy eating and diet patterns is a lack of awareness, sensitivity and the ability to see deeply and self reflective in a contemplative and enquiring manner around food. Because of this, we lack experiential wisdom of how, our body made of food is morphing and chaning each moment right beneath our nose.

I personally don’t believe in fad diets or the being over zealous with superfoods. For me, it’s always been about moderation and active moment to moment discernment. Some would say that the raw diet is the way to go, but I tried that and my body went in full shut down as the cold commenced to extinguish my gastric fire and ability to digest food. If you are of a firey constitution, by all means, more raw may do you benefit, but for others with a tendency to cold and damp, cooked food is more harmonious.

We shouldn’t make any hard and fast rules or decisions about food. This only gets in the way of our natural intuitive capabilities that knows what’s best in each given moment. Sometimes we just need to break those hard rules to really get to the real know how through ongoing receptivity and sensitively and awareness.

Notice how you feel after you eat certain types of food.
Notice the effect of eating at regular vs irregular mealtimes.
Notice how you feel when you intermittent fast versus eating all hours of the day.
Notice the effect of eating your meals when upset, angry and ungrateful versus at peace and in deep gratitude.

As we investigate earnestly without judgement or expectation, we begin to intuit what is most wholesome for us. What to eat, when to eat and how to eat.

To figure out what’s best for us, we simply start to pay attention and become the divine inner witness.

Some foods are tamasic and make you feel weak, lazy, slow, dull, heavy, disconnected, confused and lethargic, examples include meats, processed, pre-made, refined and stale foods. Other foods are Rajasic and may stimulate and potentiate desire and activity in mind and body, such as caffeinated products, stimulants, spices and fried foods. Then there are Sattvic, more purer wholesome foods, usually coming direct from the ground and non-modified from mother nature, which are balanced nutritionally and aligned to the needs of our body, these may include organic fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and water. Sattvic foods are the most important for those wanting to support spiritual practice.

My preference generally tends to be organic, non GMO and locally sourced. Right now, my diet is largely vegetarian, with the very occasional fish.

Below is a mixture of vegan, vegetarian and ovo-pescatarian recipes. All are dairy free. I generally like to cook quick and simple and with lots of love.

Enjoy x