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Yoga is something that ultimately cannot be known through discussion and intellectual debate.

Yoga rather, is a becoming of our true nature… and in that becoming, is the remembering and re-establishment of knowledge and wisdom of our true self. To know Yoga is to become the highest indestructible truth of existence.

Our practice, when we ‘think’ or ‘feel’ that we are not ‘that’, is to simply continue to open up awareness deeply and entirely within this ever present now. Any practice that nurtures and facilitates this, is a practice of Yoga.

With firm intention and steadfast willful effort, the epic communion in truth gracefully shines through within the life that we are living. See and listen with your deepest heart and you will realize that you are that very truth.

Body is matter, mind is matter, feeling emotion and energy are all matter, intellect is matter, ego is matter. The universe and everything in it, including our complex person, is a vibration that can somehow be experienced and objectified. The notion, belief and feeling of being separate individual beings is one of the subtlest shadows to fathom and objectify in awareness, and as such we often mistake ourselves as separate beings, because we are often unable to discern it’s illusory filter that shadows the eternal and boundless truth of our heart. 

When we look out into the world through our senses and proceed in our daily exchange with it, without knowing, we are interacting with the world through the sugar coating of this individual ‘I’ belief and so every new memory we create is laced with this feeling of separateness, further hardening the belief that we are separate beings.

This ignorance and lack of awareness of our true eternal unbound nature leads to the conditioned mis-identity as separate egoic beings, that forms the basis of the primal fear of self-extinction. The nature of fear creates aversion and pushes us away from the uncomfortable, painful and unknown… and leads to grasping of pleasure, comfort and false certainty and security. The ego, forgetting it’s true nature, is eternally pained in it’s pursuit of absolute everlasting love in anything and everything that continues to dissolve through its fingertips.

… And so here we have a strong foundation for struggle, battle and war. Here, we have reason to harm another for the sake of our individual survival and false limited sense of happiness which can never deeply fulfill us.

We cannot realize truth by simply going around denying ourselves however, even if the logic makes sense in our minds. We would just be wrapping ourselves with more persona and false identity. Instead, we must use the power of awareness to pierce through the false self. It is a silent venture of inner discrimination and discernment. Such silent intimate inquiry is one of the only ways to truth…. as is complete expression of devotion to that which you seek and that which you are at heart. It’s a riddle sometimes, this spiritual path. Remember to enjoy the quest like innocent children. Stay bright and curious, hopeful and faithful and fearless… meaning, be willing every time to step through illusory fear.

What if one day in our quest, we woke up to the knowledge that all is simply nature unfolding in the heart?

…that one day, there is the experience of the sound of the birds, the experience of the stirring of a yourself waking up, the experience of a thought float by, followed by a flurry of other thoughts, the experience of the feeling of ‘you’ getting dressed and walking through the park. The being of the eternal and timeless within nature itself, within you yourself, the presence of unconditional love.

A faithful falling back, a willingness to bow down to the divine, an openness to receive, a fire to move through, an innocence and purity of being…. any one of these can open us up beyond that which feels limited to that which is eternal bliss. With much gratitude, I have seen through my own life unfolding and practice, that nothing matters, other than opening myself and others up to the truth of love that is this existence. 

Love alone exists.

…All of existence is but a flowering of the one eternal love… ever knowing, ever potent, ever present. 

We are That.

In our true nature. All fear and war become obsolete. Only peace, harmony and serenity can prevail.

This is the gift of yoga.


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