Yoga is something that cannot be known through discussion. Discussion is an expression and exchange of words that belong to the realm of mind; and mind like all other things in life, fall under the category of nature, that is, energy and matter.

What is it that experiences this matter? Is it the I? We all walk around with this feeling of ‘I’, unbeknownst to most of us that this feeling that feels permanent and real is yet another form of energy that we are all experiencing….and believing.

When we look out into the world and proceed in our daily exchange with it, without knowing, we are interacting with the world through this filter of ‘I’ feeling and so every new memory we create is laced with this feeling of separateness, further hardening the belief that we are separate entities.

This foundational belief of separateness forms the basis of a primal fear arising from what appears to be unknown and alien beyond our person. Fear creates an aversion and begins to push us away from the uncomfortable and painful unknown and draws us towards the comfortable and pleasurable known.

… And so here we have a strong foundation for creating hierarchy, power struggle and war. Here, we have reason to harm another for the sake of our individual survival and pleasure.

But what if one day we woke up and that feeling of ‘I’ vanished. Gone be the feeling that you are only within your skin or within your psych. No more ‘I am me’ and ‘you are you’. Gone be the feeling of separateness between all fellow man and between man and nature.

What if one day we woke up to the knowledge that all is nature?

…that one day, there is the experience of the sound of the birds, an experience of the stirring of an energetic entity wanting to wake up, experience of a thought pop up, followed by a flurry of other thoughts, which lead to a feeling of movement and pressure, which lead to the feeling of the body moving, the experience of this person getting dressed and walking through the park, projected images of the moving world flash through the mind field, along with a rush of memories and the faint memory of the feeling of ‘I’ that has the feeling of separateness, that immediately comes with the subtle feeling of fear…. it is there just for a moment and then it passes and the experience of nature continues with it’s eternal flow.

You notice the eternity in natures way, both outside and inside of your ‘person’ and you also notice the eternity of the truth and love that is you: the absolute witness and presence that baths and feeds nature with all it’s unconditional love.

The other day I was attempting to describe a feeling of a blind faithful leap that I felt had to be made whenever we are to enter into this truth of absolute self that is beyond form and entity…or perhaps it is more of a faithful fall into truth. As always, words weren’t able to bridge the gap, only point towards it.

At any moment this blind faithful fall can be taken through the act of surrender, a sort of letting go and giving up of all notion of control and power to that which truly drives this eternal existence.

Only in open surrender have I ever found salvation. It is one of the internal practices that can be cultivated to allow us to take that fall into truth. Any practice that leads us towards this fall is a practice of yoga. With much gratitude, I have seen through my own life and practice, that nothing matters, other than this.

Yoga is the realization that ‘you are alone’….My gratitude for the words of a dear Swamiji who shared this with me….now hear me out…

…This eternal ‘relative’ existence is the expression and flowering of the one eternal ‘absolute’, which is the love and presence that pervades all of life and we can only arrive here by trusting, letting go and falling faithfully back into it.

We are that absolute love and presence and when we remember, it simply no longer makes sense to fight with oneself; fear, power and war become pointless and obsolete, only peace, serenity, unity and love prevail.

Give yourself the gift of yoga by asking today…who am I? And do not cease your striving until you are silenced and dissolved into truth by the answer, there you will be met by love.

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