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Nasu Dengaku – Sweet miso marinated aubergine

This is one of my all time Japanese favorites!

Honey sweetened miso glazed soft roasted aubergine with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and a side of wholesome brown rice.



1 Aubergine

4 TBP Miso Paste – Ideally a medium flavored paste like Hatcho. You can try a mix of light and dark misos, flavour is generally more intense and salty with darker pastes.

1 Tsp Honey

2 TBS mirin,

1 TBS Sake

(you can always try white wine/sherry with a little extra honey as a substitute for the above 2 ingredients)

Veg/rapeseed/coconut oil for cooking

Sesame seeds

Brown rice



Cook brown rice a per packet instruction.

Slice aubergine lengthways roughly 2cm thick, this may give you 2 – 4 pieces depending on the size/thickness.

Gently score one side with a sharp knife in one direction and then the other direction.

Heat oil in a pan and place aubergines skin/non scored side down on high heat. Watch until brown and then flipover to other side and cover to heat through for just a few minutes.

Mix miso, honey, mirin and sake together and lightly brush over eggplants (you only need a thin layer as its very strong in flavor). Transfer to oven tray and roast for just a few until the mixture starts to bubble.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve with brown rice.


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