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Bodhini Yoga provides the perfect landing pad for all those seeking to go inward, self reflect and deepen their understanding of their yoga practice.

Immerse yourself in a schedule of daily Meditation, Breath work, morning Vinyasa and evening Yin yoga practice. Explore in depth yoga anatomy, alignment, energetic technique, adjustments and modifications in daily workshops detailing the anatomy of the breath, bandhas, forward folds, standing and balancing postures, twists, back bends and inversions. Here we really put our practice under the microscope and ensure that what we are doing on the mat makes sense and is safe and effective for our body, mind and soul.

Each student will also receive an optional private consultation to explore and select the key postures and practices that suit their individual needs, creating a beautiful sequence to take home!

We come together as a family of kind, caring and supportive souls with a mutual endeavor to grow in understanding, acceptance and love. 

It is a pleasure to be able to offer both new and experienced yogis, a safe, solid and effective foundation to the practice of yoga. All levels are welcome. Existing yoga teachers can apply for yoga alliance continuing education hours (YACEP) with this course.

I look forward to sharing the heart of yoga and its deeply healing benefits with you all.


Retreat Daily Schedule

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Morning meditation

30-60 min

Together we will journey through various techniques to understand what it means to concentrate, open and direct the mind towards self enquiry and presence:

Tratak (Candle gazing)

Japa (Internal mantra)

Single pointed focus, absorption

Mindfulness, calm abiding

Self enquiry


Morning dynamic vinyasa practice

60-90 min

As we flow together, we utilize the gift of awareness to open and expand in all areas of our being. The Uayi breath calms the mind and generates internal awareness and physical heat. Applying Bandha (internal body locks) retains our energy within and deepens the breath. Dristi (centering our gaze) stabilises and focuses our mind. Finally, the gift of vinyasa reminds us in each moment to flow with complete presence, that is, to simply Be.

Technique, alignment & anatomy workshop

2 Hr

Our afternoon workshops systematically take a deep look at physical alignment and movement techniques, with reference to relevant anatomy. 

We also dive into the energetic principles that help to unify and bring the posture to life and we demonstrate how to modify in a way that still fulfills the purpose of each posture. 

On top of all these tools, which are necessary to create a safe and rewarding practice… we always reinforce how to fulfill the real meaning and essence of Yoga.

Build your own personal practice session

1 Hr

Each student will receive a 1-1 yoga consultation to explore and select the best postures and transitions for their body, woven together into a beautiful flow that will have you rolling out your mat each day.

Gentle Yin and Restorative practice

60-90 min

We gently unwind into the evening and surrender body and mind into a deep state of presence once again. In Yin, we really learn what it truely means to let go, to be at peace, to be in radical acceptance of our whole being, to love ourselves as we are.

Evening Sharing & Meditation

30-60 min

Everything in the universe is a vibration of sound. We must simply learn the right way to listen in order to unravel all of lifes mysteries. In the evenings, we explore beautiful sound meditations and cultivate the art of listening with the heart.


Yan is a former UK doctor and radiologist, now yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and teacher trainer. 11 years in the medical field have endowed her with a deep knowledge of the form and function of the human body. She left the medical practice four years ago in search of a more holistic ways of existing, healing, sharing and affecting the lives of others. She has been practicing yoga, various martial and internal arts, self inquiry, mindfulness and meditation for over 16 years and currently lives, breathes and shares this wonderful holistic practice where ever she goes. She truly believes that Yoga, practiced in its totality is medicine for the mind body and soul.



This course is suitable for all levels of practitioner, whether completely new to yoga or an existing yoga teacher. We only ask that your genuine intention is to deepen your practice and that you are open to doing the work required to foster the growth of yourself and others. We encourage you to stay in the space that nurtures inner transformation, that is, setting aside the desire to seek external distractions and pleasures. The infinite pool of love and happiness resides at the heart.


This is a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Registered Continuing Education Course) with 50 contact hours in Anatomy & Physiology and Techniques, Training & Practice. Come and polish those yoga skills. :-)