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Melt in your mouth beetroot burger

A luscious veggie burger with shredded beetroot, carrot, courgette, walnut and quinoa, topped with creamy avocado, wilted spinach and crunchy cucumber, in a soft seeded wholemeal bun.

(Contains egg – but vegan alternatives available)


2 handfuls Quinoa415

1 large beetroot

1 small carrot

1 large courgette

Handful of walnuts

2 TBS cider vinegar

Olive oil

1 or 2 eggs (omit if vegan, you can try a little more cornflour/ground chia or flax seeds/tinned chickpea liquid or ground oats)

2 TBS cornflour

salt and pepper

Salad filling of your choice – wilted spinach, avocado, cucumber, lettuce

Soft whole seeded buns (veggy burgers tend to be quite soft so its worth going for a softer bun to avoid major evacuation of contents upon biting)

Optional – for vegan yogurt sauce – small pot soy yogurt, 1 clove garlic, small handful grated cucumber.


Wash and simmer quinoa in water with few cracks of salt until soft.

Meanwhile, finely grate beetroot, carrot, courgette into large mixing bowl. Gently squeeze out excessive water, leaving some moisture. Add finely chopped walnuts, the cooked and drained quinoa, 2 TBS cider vinegar and 2 TBS olive oil. Season really well with a good few twists of cracked sea salt and black pepper.

Mix in 2 TBS cornflour and 1 beaten egg (or omit and try vegan alternative above). Leave mixture to stand in fridge.

For the optional vegan yogurt sauce – grate a small handful cucumber and squeeze out excess water. Crush/finely dice a clove of garlic and mix into soy yogurt. Season with salt and pepper.

Take the burger mixture out of the fridge and take a large handful. Squeeze out excess water, round into a ball and flatten on a chopping board. Reshaping and condensing as much as you can with a flat spatula. (At this point you might decide to add another egg or more flour/binding agents if the burger isn’t holding together. A good squeeze really helps though.

Carefully transfer burgers with flat spatula to a large ideally non stick pan and fry on medium heat in olive oil for 5 minutes each side, covering to ensure it is cooked through and lightly browned.

Build your burger with your choice of salad. I loved the creaminess of avocado and the softness of wilted spinach with fresh cucumber – It almost didn’t need any sauce. Otherwise dollop with vegan yogurt sauce to your hearts desire and much away.

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