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Homemade vegetarian spicy Korean bibimbap

…the quick way.

Pre cooked white rice
1 grated carrot
1/2 grated courgette
3 pre roasted garlic cloves – chopped
1/2 Pre roasted softened aubergine
1/4 pack firm silken tofu – cubed
1 egg
1/2 Spring onion – sliced
Sesame seeds
Sesame oil
Light soy sauce
Rice wine vinegar
Brown sugar
Korean red chilli paste.

1) heat sesame oil in large frying pan and stir fry grated carrot and courgette until softened.
2) add roasted garlic and chopped roast aubergine and heat through and then finally the tofu. Season very lightly with a little soy for saltiness, rice wine vinegar for sharpness and brown sugar for sweetness and more sesame oil if needed.
3) Mix a dash of sesame oil into pre cooked rice and add to vegetables to heat through.
4) reduce heat and mix in a tablespoon on Korean chilli paste really well.
5) Remove from heat and crack an optional egg over and stir in vigorously. (Omit for vegan)
6) transfer to bowl and dress with sesame seeds and spring onion.

Savour every spoonful of this gooey spicy rice with full wholehearted focus and awareness.


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