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Humor me guys as I find my feet attempting to record some hopefully useful yoga information for you all. 

I’m slowly finally finding my feet and voice in sharing after several years of ruminating and holding back for fear of judgement and lack of self belief… lol… I’ve almost completely regurgitated those feelings now. hehe.

Also trying to find my angle and intentions in filming these. I realise I’ve labored VERY simple points for 20 minutes and that there’s a lot of repetition… but perhaps that is what is needed 

… I didn’t want to just wack out a one minute video saying, put your feet here, bend your knees and go….lol.

I guess, I want to try to speak more to what happens internally when I practice consciously and how I’ve experienced this transform my own practice, as well as offer more ‘progressive’ advice that speaks to all bodies and beings.

Forgive the occasional sound of chickens and cars. hehe!

… and thank you for your support in my journey so far.
Feel free to leave me any feedback or posture requests to keep my flow going!

Feeling blessed
Lots of love

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