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Fiery vegan Fajita topped with soothing lemony guacamole

A super fast healthy vegan wrap for you busy yogis.

Wholewheat tortilla filled with flash sautéed mushrooms, red pepper, onions, kidney beans and curry powder, topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber and roughly mashed up lemony guacamole.

Heaven in a wrap ❤️



2 wholewheat tortillas

2 – 3 mushrooms

1 red pepper

1 medium onion

2 garlic clove

Handful kidney beans – tinned or pre soaked

Medium curry powder or your own mix of chilli/cumin/paprika/garlic powder.


Cherry tomatoes

1 Avocado

1 Lemon

Salt and pepper



Cook a handful of pre-soaked or tinned red kidney beans in water in small saucepan until soft.

Place large pan on high heat with a splash of olive oil.

Roughly dice garlic, onion, courgette, red pepper, mushrooms and chuck into the frying pan as you chop, keeping and eye and stirring frequently. Drain and add the cooked kidney beans once soft.

Lightly sprinkle and mix in curry powder or your own adventurous mix of spices, tasting as you add to gage the intensity of flavor, turn heat down and continue until veg are cooked but still a little crunchy.

In the meanwhile, half, deseed, peel and roughly chop a ripe avocado. Place in a small bowel with a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper and if you like, a little cumin and paprika. Roughly mash it up with a fork.

Dice cucumber and tomatoes.

Remove pan from heat once all veg are cooked. Grab a tortilla, lightly sprinkle with water and place over the frying pan mixture to warm and soften.

Now your ready to build your feast.

Tortilla > hot fajita mix >  fresh salad > copious avocado mix> rock and roll > Remember to chew.




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