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Bodhini Yoga Log

Diary of this little Yogimostphotography-3561

Follow me more intimately through my teaching journey to share my lessons and insights along the way.

The path so far has been exhilarating, challenging and at times terrifying, yet deeply insightful and humbling.

For all those on this same journey, I’m with you.

For the love of yoga.

 ———-❤ ———-

18 JAN – 22 JULY 2018
HOURS 1030 – 1320


Here I am in Chiang Mai, a day having left Phuket, already a hearty memory set deep within my soul. What a wonder this last half year has been; not an ounce of what I imagined it might be…. In fact, on the mind’s rational tick sheet… A complete ‘failure’ and yet from the point of view of the heart, the biggest openings I could have possibly received. What an opportunity to grow past my preconceived notions and limiting thoughts and habits.

I’ve had to face some serious heartbreak in the first few months here. I cried on the studio floor, the beach, at my alter, in my bed. For me the real practice of yoga steps in when we are faced with what we would normally resist as challenge and suffering. Yet with an internal practice, our everyday pains can become a real gift of ascension. Whenever I see myself in physical or emotional pain, I see it as the most profound opportunity to love myself and re-align with heart. I thank you life for my astounding heart break and my ability to heal myself through it.

I’ve had to face the disappointment and disillusion of teaching on two planned Yoga teacher trainings not coming to fruition due to lack of intake and visa rejection issues. In both instances, my Aquarian mind’s perfectly mapped out future of financial security and material stability got shattered to the ground with bomb blast to my already white flagged ego. Self worth lay laden on the ground as humiliation and shame danced centre stage for a song. Then the show naturally came to an end and got brushed under the carpet. Now here I am, exposing myself to you all, to let go of any last shred of fear and embarrassment that I have, of not being accepted for who I truely am and the life I truely live.

I am resolute to whatever life plans to deal to me now. More humiliation? Sure. More shame? Why not. How about digging up some more deep seated fear of not amounting to anything?… I’m ready and holding on to my seat! Give it to me quick!

I joke. But I am completely serious. If there is any form of attachment or ‘suffering’ left within me, then i know there is also the opportunity to heal… and so internal challenge is always welcomed with open arms into my life. I do not seek it, but I also do not run away from it. If it comes, I will greet it with a smile…. I know I am ready. I know I can handle anything.

My financial situation is pretty much the same, if not slightly ‘worse’ by the financial books compared to when I started back in January….and yet, somehow I feel the beginnings of feeling more abundance. A part of me has recognised the feelings of lack that have fuelled the thoughts and feelings of self deprivation that have led to a real holding back from giving myself the things that I desire and deserve in life. No more!!… Abundance starts now through the identification of the fearful thoughts and feelings that hold me back and keep me small, letting them go, and seeing what is beyond them. Thank you Aliya Bakhtemirova for reflecting and constantly replaying my limited mindloop back to me.

The uprooting of pride, anger and resentment has been all the rage these last few months as perceived plans and promises had not evolved and my self righteous persona got dealt some small cards to play with these last few months. I got presented with two choices to swallow… another red pill (more of the same shit) or the blue pill.. a complete surrender in the cultivation of humility. I bowed my head and swallowed blue every time my mind threw out a painful affliction. Thank you universe for the gift of conscious choice and surrender to Divine will.

That was the juicy stuff… Now here’s some real heart….and a bit more juice…

Even though I made very few acquaintances in the beginning, due to my tender, inward and constricted nature at the time, something really unplugged my soul these last few weeks. I came out of my shell as the great mother caressed my heart completely open in the form of kinships, fruitful playtime and tonnes of laughter. I broke all of my self restricting chains and permitted myself to be free from guilt and fear of disapproval. Yes, I partied and danced like crazy, yes I went on dates, yes I even drank, and dare I admit it… smoked the odd joint that was passed on to me. On my last day, I accepted the 5 gin and tonics and champagne that were handed to me, because they were handed to me out of love and affection and the only thing holding me back was guilt and fear of judgement…. And so I chose freedom from such thoughts and I chose to flow with the joy that life was handing me in that moment. Dare I say it was worth it for all the laughs we received on my last night. I’ve never experienced such flow of grace and love…even in my frantic hungover two hour pack up and fly the next day. Something was alive that night and I feel so blessed to have experienced a complete release of my own shackles to smile, laugh and bop like a wild child free from any spiritual seeking or endeavour. Lurking in the wildness, was the Is-ness, the pure joy of everyone. I love you all….you know who you are.

Aside from teaching a tonne of studio classes, I entered into the dimension of private yoga homestays. The idea just flowed from my heart, out through my fingertips, onto my website and manifested in two real life yogini’s coming to stay with me. I had offered private courses in the past but this was of a different flavour… Way more intimate, intense and totally involved. It was growth on another level for both parties. Processing and healing together as a mini duo collective. I don’t really take on the notion of student and teacher. What is more evident to me in this coming together, is the tangible opportunity for both persons to relate and grow through mirroring, in a give and receive interaction and play of souls, both with the intention to expand and grow from both hearts. The heart’s calling is what is first and foremost paramount in directing our interaction and experience together. With that in mind, we move forward. This experience has opened up my heart to a whole new level of giving back to life that I find incredibly fulfilling, enjoyable, challenging, and full of exciting potential. It’s sent me on a path to explore more healing modalities. Right now, I am in Chiang Mai on a Thai massage course, to cultivate the gift of touch. Too many times I have been told I have healing hands and I have sat on them all the while. In recently witnessing my students melt under my hands in a deep state of peace and relaxation an Zzzzzzz, I decided it was time to hone in and refine this skill.

I’ve also been told on multiple occasions that I have an incredibly soothing and relaxing voice and that hypnosis is a very possible area of exploration for me. Yoga nidra has come up in the playing field of my mind to begin using my voice to guide a conscious inward journey.

I’m so stoked to be a student again here in Chiang mai and soon in Bangkok and Bali and I can’t wait to be inspired by the many devoted and dedicated teachers and healers out there.

I’m feeling so touched by life right now. This last half year has been about seeing the love bliss and joy in all of life… Happy times, sad times, whole times, shattered times, tears of sorrow, tears of laughter, shame, humility, anger, compassion, fear, courage…. It’s all just love, love and more love. Everything is God damn Love. You, me and everything you think is between us.

May we all remember that this life that makes us laugh and cry, is just love.

I love you all.
You are wonderful and whole.

Vinyasa, gentle flow and Yin love @yogarepublic Phuket
Bodhini Yoga private homestays
Private 1-1 and group sessions

5th Feb 2017 – 23rd Dec 2017

HOURS: 452 – 1029

403011032-hurricane-wallpapersTHE MOTION AND MAYHEM OF A HURRICANE.

5th Feb – 24th Jul – Kawai Purapura retreat centre, New Zealand.
19th Jul – 2nd Aug – Govinda Valley Retreat centre, Australia.
22nd Aug – 19th Oct – Rishikesh, India – being a student again.
19th Oct – 16th Nov – Sri Lanka time out.
16th Nov – Now – Hong Kong

This is a rather big entry to make up for almost the entirety of this year, 2017.

Having been warped into the life at Kawai Purapura last minute and unexpectedly, I found myself immediately sucked into their vortex of action. I began simply as a general volunteer and within a week was booted forward as the new yoga teacher training assistant, administrator and coordinator. Here I put my best foot forward for almost 6 months, learning the ropes and tying the knots.

I gave regular free and donation based community classes three times a week on the community class schedule and watched the sea of students wave through from the buzzing international yoga festival period through to a quiet and serene winter. The energy of the students I shared space with was always endearing and humble, and their eyes brightly alit with hope and inspiration. Such wonderful times in the most beautiful shala that I will never forget. If only my mind could create a montage for you all it would be full of soft wood, colourful mats, beautiful bolsters, lord shiva and baby ganesha dancing in warm candle flame, calm peaceful smiling faces, relaxed open bodies, big big hearts and bright soulful eyes and not forgetting the ad hoc Kirtans together! Hare Krishna!

Thank you so so much to all those who created these wonderful memories with me. To guide a practice is to be ‘in’ the practice and I was grateful to be that eternal student with you all.

As well as the regular classes, I gave free alignment, technique and anatomy workshops both privately and to groups which really opened up a new porthole for sharing. I found I enjoyed it in a very different way. There was an immense satisfaction in being able to convey the things that weren’t so easy to express in a flowing practice centred in mindfulness.

On the one hand, in classes, I don’t value disturbing the minds of the students by attempting to explain the whys in the middle of the practice. My approach is very much direct, perceiving and instructive and always moving students in the direction of greater clarity and concentration of mind through a continuous focus from beginning to end. For this, I feel that thinking and analysing has to be put aside for the moment for the sake of acquiring a much more valuable knowledge gained from direct experience during the practice of presence.

Yet in workshops, I enjoyed very much bridging the gap between the intellectual mind and the often unnamable direct experience. Sometimes, we feel a huge sigh of relief when another person is able to confer an explanation which speaks to the mind but resonates with the heart. In just moments, it allows all doubt to defuse, the mind trusts again and we can continue on with new found confidence and enquiry. I have had the pleasure of receiving such eureka moments from others.

When the yoga teacher training came around in May, I found myself heading up anatomy and physiology sessions on their 10 weekends program. This gave me enough time to really pull out my medical degree just to learn to throw it straight out the window. What I found was that everything I had learnt in a book, with all the fancy medical terminology, was of very little value. Just words and facts that were never connected to a real experience.

The opening here, was learning to trust in what I had experienced directly through dissection, through looking down microscopes, through examining patients, through surgery, through live scanning, through image interpretation and finally through the experience of my own mind, body and anatomy on the mat for the last fifteen years. These were the moments that provided the effortless flowing stream of knowledge that I felt I could share confidently.

Funnily enough, I am finding that just in the same way I teach a flowing intuitive class (aka, open and with absolutely no plan), it is undoubtedly more authentic, relevant and inspired to teach teachers in the same way, even in what seems like the most formalised of teaching programmes. I just need to trust more that what is truly valuable, can only come from the heart.

When my visa finally ran out after half a year, I scurried back through Australia via Govinda Valley retreat centre, volunteering and teaching for two weeks and then spent a week volunteering at Mangrove yoga centre before heading to Singapore to meet my adorable new nephew, brother and sister in law. A few days later, I landed in India for two months where I practiced and studied Yoga once again under many schools and teachers.

Afterwards, a month in Sri Lanka had me going on a silent meditation retreat, reluctantly declining to teach yoga when asked, in favour of diving in fully to my meditation. In my final week, volunteering at Green Peace Inn, a haven inspired by three young yogis, I couldnt help but give an ad hoc Yin class.

Now I’m in Hong Kong, having been summoned here for my little brothers wedding a few weeks ago. I had left my plans completely open to seeing what would happen after I arrived and so now I am a heart compass, open to all directions, completely surrendered and waiting to sense the pranic pull. Left, right, up, down…who knows.

I have been sharing a few donation based yoga classes and workshops here which I have very much enjoyed but my heart is calling me to slow down, to re-group, to re-centre, to retreat away as a hermit and to ‘teach’ only myself for a while.

And so I have been using this time in meditation each morning and evening, praying and practicing Yoga in silence each day, eating well, caring for myself, introspecting… getting to know me again, after a year of being catapulted into this unfathomable world and back. In three words….it’s been mad.

Now here I am,
in the eye of a year long hurricane,
Just watching, just being,
waiting for the dust to settle.

Breath in light. Breath out love.



25 Aug 2016 – 25 Jan 2017

HOURS: 392 – 452:

The beautiful space at Krishna village

The beautiful space at Krishna village


To dive into life is to dive into the eternity of the moment; everything we think or desire is but smoke around the purity of our deeply present heart. In our spiritual heart, we desire nothing because we sense and know that we are everything. Formless, clear, empty, silent, all embracing and all conscious; no thing cradles every thing and knows the truth, that all is love.


The feeling of each moment since the start of my journey has been indescribable. So much love, so much gratitude as I sit here and attempt to share my experience so far.

My daily personal yoga practice has been essentially internal; to keep opening in order to let life flow through; no expectations, no fear, no attachments. It’s been the practice of Bhakti and Karma yoga; devotion to love and life and selfless service to the universe. Through this practice I have been humbled by the love and light I have received in return from the many hearts that make up the whole. Love is the boundless and eternal source of life.

My journey since leaving Malta has guided me through precious moments teaching dear friends in the parks of London, in a beautiful studio at Burnham seaside, with gracious hosts in Perth and finally at Krishna village retreat centre on the east coast of Australia with up to forty wondrous students.

I’m so inspired by the flow and unravelling of life when we open and surrender to its love. I am learning to trust the moment more deeply, that there is no longer a need to plan a class; I simply note any ideas that arise and pass away. My only preparation is one of surrendering to the moment by realising and releasing any notion or belief that I am the one doing anything. By releasing control, releasing fear, releasing pride and releasing ego, I step onto the mat as an empty vessel and let love flow through me.

The other day, as one of my glimmering students interviewed me to learn more about my approach, I realised that I truly wasn’t the one controlling or creating anything; I had just learnt to step out of the way and let life create. I realise now that I trust so much so, that in the most inspired classes that receive the most humbling feedback, I actually don’t know what posture will come next, just a moments breath before. It’s as if ‘there I am’ in the moment, the feeling comes, then the intention, I notice the breath move, the body moves and with it the lips manifest the words to guide myself and my students through. When I share a class like this, it is with the deepest listening and sensing, with the deepest meditation, and I am always in a state of deep gratitude and love for life after being in this space.

I’ve also been honoured with the gift of guiding spontaneous meditation workshops at krishna village; my fingertips started typing it into the schedule to fill a gap, despite my thoughts to find another teacher and the fears that made the ego squirm. I stepped into the circle as an empty vessel and let the words and guidance flow through me. Fear melted away to receive everyones heart. It was touching to hold such an intimate and vulnerable space. Thank you all at Krishna village for sharing with me.

I sense also that my journey is leading me to embrace all the gifts of sound. There have been so so many warm comments about my voice during my classes and I have made it a new years resolution to fully connect my heart to my throat and always express from a place of love. I have been consciously expanding my voice through projection practices and endless singing in Kirtan at the village. I have also learnt to express the heart through the ringing of the tibetan bowl; learning to play and project love through sound vibration. I shared this gift in my yoga and meditation classes and fell in love with it so much so that the most beautiful bowl has been passed on to me from the most beautiful soul.

I’m indebted with love and gratitude for you all. Thank you for simply existing.

Lots of love


The only time is now.
The only place is here.
The only way is love.


Krishna Village retreat centre, Australia
Private home, Perth, Australia
Calm studios, Burnham on Sea, UK
Public parks, London, UK


Vinyasa, Yin, Led Ashtanga, Gentle flow, Meditation and Pranayama workshops, private sessions. Beginners – advanced levels.

 ———-❤ ———-

09 Aug 2016

HOURS 365-391:mostphotography-6685

The calm after the storm; my sentiment is exactly this. The air feels lighter, the sky clearer, the earth stiller and me, more grounded, re-connected and at peace.

It’s been an amazing tornado of events teaching yoga so intensely and I’ve loved splashing around in the puddles with you all, enjoying all manner of situations that came my way. Now that this flash period is passing, there is a very real opening of eyes as the haze lifts, as if awakening from a dream.

Naturally when the pressure of a situation releases, we can see things much more clearly. Hindsight can be a very powerful tool if used correctly. I feel like now comes the period of genuine honest reflection upon the last 10 weeks of intense teaching activities.

On the upside, when I get a glimpse of myself teaching a class, I have to pinch myself…is this real? How different my life was just a year ago. I feel so much like I’m living a dream, my dream…and I’m so grateful.

On the downside, from my constant movement, I’ve noticed a slight regression in my ability to stay present and aware and cycles of subconscious thought patterns have replaced what was once a blissful head space. It’s eye opening to see how a little loosening of Tapas (conscious spiritual willpower) can have what feels like an exponentially deleterious effect on our state of being.

Practicing consciousness can be likened to riding a bike willfully up a hill. It takes one conscious push after another in every single moment in order to see more clearly a wider perspective of the world around us and we cannot rest until we reach the top and few have reached the top, including Buddha.

It requires a lot of Tapas to ‘wake up’ and stay awake in order to consciously spring clean our minds through practicing mindfulness; instead of feeding thoughts, we feed awareness and presence.

The moment tapas stops, the bike free-wheels down the hill at a greater speed; we may even enjoy the ride as we indulge our mind and ego with whatever identifications, thoughts, beliefs and daydreams pleases it. As we descend down the hill, we can no longer see clearly the world around us. Awareness has become once again identified with our limited mind and ego.

I know now the true value of fine tuning the balance of time for my self practice and time for teaching….not having a single day off in the last 10 weeks was perhaps a little extreme lol.

Join me in my daily mantra for the next week:
Awareness in every moment. xXx

Mon 9.15am Feelgoodflow, Tues 7.50pm and Sun 5pm Yin yoga, Corporate yoga, teaching philosophy on the weekend yoga teacher training and 10private sessions with my private yogis. 🙂

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31 July 2016

HOURS 331-364:mostphotography-6220


It’s been a very mentally demanding week with three hour long, back to back workshops, Friday through Sunday for the teacher trainers, discussing all manner of philosophy. My stubbornness and inability to stop at a superficial level of knowledge sends me diving deep into the tornado of online knowledge which always hurts my little head.

The degree of conflicting information and opinion is overwhelming and I find myself mentally wiped whenever I attempt to ‘think’ through anything spiritual. Although I know deep down that the spiritual journey is through the heart, the mind is yet to fully realise and surrender to it….and so ego persists, trying to understand what cannot be understood by intellect alone.

As the teacher training draws to an end, already I feel a great lift from the mind as I take a big step back and allow whatever accumulated knowledge to disperse and sink into place. It is true bliss when we can put our mind to rest and shift from the state of doing to a state of being. Time to be a big kid again!

Svadhyaya (spiritual self study), is an important step towards liberation. Whilst book-work provides a useful foundation, it alone cannot lead us to the divine and I can confidently say that I have never truly realised anything by thinking about it for hours on end.

When I reflect upon the moments of deep insight I haved gained along my journey, whether spontaneous or intended, one thing has always been certain… the limited thinking mind falls away every time and there is a pure unimpeded sense of reality like never before; you connect to it and feel it through the heart. At that moment true knowledge sinks into your being and you feel a profound peace, contentment and an unshakable faith in the universe.


Mon 9.15am Feelgoodflow, Tues 6.30am Sunrise beach yoga, Tues 7.50pm and Sun 5pm Yin yoga, Corporate yoga, teaching philosophy on the weekend yoga teacher training and 12 private sessions with my yogis. 🙂

 ———-❤ ———-

 24 July 2016

HOURS 295-330:mostphotography-6593

Comfort and familiarity with my students has allowed more openness and expression of Satya (truthfulness) this last week. As a result, there has been a lot more frank spiritual pep talk as I start to notice recurring themes of thought, deep ingrained feelings and limiting beliefs that I feel deep down need to be brought into the light of awareness in order to move forward along the spiritual path.

Speaking a helpful but uncomfortable truth can sometimes be a balancing act. It’s not always easy and we may bottle to fear, preferring to avoid upset and maintain our good buddy self image. Yet to say nothing would reflect apathy and a lack of regard and care. I use to avoid such situations growing up, as my ego felt incredibly uncomfortable and fearful of losing its popularity, but long gone is my regard towards ego and so I spoke my truths this week in the hope that it would serve a positive purpose. I had to inquire a lot into my intentions before speaking my heart, making sure my words were always out of love and conducive to the spiritual growth of my students.

Satya (truthfulness) does not only mean an absence of lies,
nor does it mean to gossip empty irrelevant truths,
it definitely doesn’t mean telling truths with maleficent intention,
and if we withhold a beneficial truth out of fear, we are also not fully embodying truthfulness.

Live the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
for truth is God. Thank you Mahatma Gandhi.

Time for a lovely late night stroll by the sea.
Sweet dreams world xXx

Mon 9.15am Feelgoodflow, Tues 6.30am Sunrise beach yoga, Tues 7.50pm and Sun 5pm Yin yoga, Corporate yoga, teaching philosophy on the weekend yoga teacher training and 15 private sessions with my aspiring yogis. 🙂

 ———-❤ ———-

17 July 2016

HOURS 264-294:feather

Although as busy as ever it’s felt like a real lighthearted week
Like a soft white feather, floating through the air without a care in the world, just happy to be and to touch whatever it may touch. Where I settle I feel no desire nor concern.
For once, just happy to be a light white feather.

All my life I’ve approached the spiritual path so intensely, so seriously, so tryingly. Driven by an inner craze, wanting something more than the now, wanting enlightenment (yes people can’t help but giggle when I tell them this…hey better than a pair of shoes :-P). I was living the ultimate contradiction to the liberation, inner peace and happiness I was seeking.

Whenever there is a deep dissatisfaction and craving, we are not in the present moment, but very much within the confines of the desires of the mind. We are locking the very window to the Truth we want to wake up to.

If we are not in this moment, there is no prospect of liberation. Contentment in the now is the key to unlock the window so that the white feather can fly out to realise the universe.
This is what I am practicing now.

Mon 9.15am Feelgoodflow, Tues 6.30am Sunrise beach yoga, Tues 7.50pm and Sun 5pm Yin yoga, Sat 8.45am Ashtanga, Corporate yoga, teaching philosophy on the weekend yoga teacher training and 10 private sessions with my little budding yogis. 🙂

 ———-❤ ———-

11 July 2016

HOURS 236-263:patthabhi

Mon 9.15am Feelgoodflow, Tues 6.30am Sunrise beach yoga, Tues 7.50pm and Sun 5pm Yin yoga, Sat 10.20am Freemyflow vinyasa, Corporate yoga, teaching philosophy on the weekend yoga teacher training and 10 private sessions with my lovely 1 to 1 yogis. 🙂


Throughout my life I’ve always had a tendency to push myself beyond my limits and the last months activities have been the epitome of this. There has been a little tightness and stiffness developing around my neck and shoulders and a little soreness in the joints; a gentle reminder from the body that the mind is pushing a little too hard.

This last week has been very much about listening within and learning to honor the body, accepting wholeheartedly how it feels and giving it the tender love and care it deserves.


“Body is not stiff, mind is stiff”. Thank you Pattabhi Jois.

The body is perfect and runs exactly as nature intended. It is the mind that can sometimes disconnect and fall off balance, usually running ahead or cutting us short.

When needed, surrendar the mind to let go and release tension, encourage the mind for strength and determination and still the mind for balance and harmony.

Life is sublime and perfectly calculated, we just have to do the math. xXx

 ———-❤ ———-

 03 July 2016

HOURS 208-235:cute

Mon 9.15am Feelgoodflow, Tues 6.30am Sunrise beach yoga, Tues 7.50pm and sun 5pm Yin yoga, Corporate yoga, teaching anatomy on the weekend yoga teacher training and 10 private sessions with my amazing 1 to 1 yogis. 🙂


A real full and fulfilling week, finished on a serene high with the collective energy at this evening’s Yin class…stillness spoke.

It’s been a good challenge of thinking outside the box this week and I’ve been kept on my toes with lots of on the spot yoga adaptations. One moment I’m teaching Vinyasa, then Yin, then Ashtanga, then pranayama, then yoga therapy, then meditation, then kids yoga. One moment I’m teaching basic footwork and foundations and then advanced arm balances and inversions.

I know all too well that humans were never made to fit into boxes and so after getting more familiar with my students, I have been consciously making yoga fit around them in the best way possible….fit around their physical body, fit around their minds, fit around their energy and fit around their souls.


Yoga is for everyone.

There is a perfect yoga for every being out there and no one yoga should be considered better than the other. Different yogas are necessary for each and every one of us as we journey through different stages of our spiritual growth.

What matters is that yoga simply encourages us to grow.


 ———-❤ ———-

27 June 2016

Hours 175-207:nepal

Mon 9.15am Feelgoodflow, Tues 6.30am Sunrise beach yoga, Tues 7.50pm and sun 5pm Yin yoga, Corporate yoga, teaching anatomy on the weekend yoga teacher training and 13 private sessions with my dedicated 1 to 1 yogis.🙂

A busier week than the last but somehow it felt easier and more comfortable I guess I must be settling in to this new flow. If it’s possible, I think I’m loving what I do more and more, especially working with you all one to one. There’s a real drive and curiosity to explore new ways of life and a real readiness to open up and release all things old that no longer serve you.
That is growth. That is yoga.

Learning points:
We spend so much time doubting ourselves in life, the reality is we don’t need to know whether what we are doing right now is right or wrong; we don’t need to have the answers; there are no answers; there is no exam at the end of our life; There is only a deep imprint on our souls of what we have given ourselves to experience.

Right now, I am choosing to experience freedom, consciousness, love, peace and joy.


 ———-❤ ———-

20 June 2016

Hours 144-174:thousand candles
Feelgoodflow, Pokerstars, a new Tuesday sunrise beach yoga and a new Sunday Yin class, teaching the teachers anatomy at the yoga flow academy’s new 10 weekends yoga teacher training, and 10 of my lovely new 1 to 1 yogis.

Woah it’s been a busy week and really amazing I just love seeing you all come to your mat, mind willing and heart open, smiling sweetly at me in preparation to start. It’s utterly endearing and melts my heart. I’ve been feeling more and more of an opening in myself and some very tangible vibrations of metta coursing through the body ….so thank you. The intention, dedication and effort from you all warms my soul and makes my running around all the more worthwhile.

Learning points:
Insight this week into the truth of Buddha’s words:

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared”.


 ———-❤ ———-

13 June 2016 

Classes 135-143:surrender
Feelgoodflow vinyasa/yin, Leovegas corporate, freemyflow int vinyasa and 3 amazing new private clients last week 🙂 more to come!

One door closes and a mighty big one opens. How surreal this week feels. How fast situations change.

To resist is to suffer,
to accept is to be at peace.

I feel blessed to have experienced the art of inner surrender on many occasions (sometimes lovingly forced upon me).

When we surrender internally we open up the floodgates of our being and all the stored up pain can sometimes come crashing out in tears. It is possible for something to be so tender and yet so blissful.

Each time we practice letting go, we become more weightless and more able to float freely with life’s beautiful and mysterious flux.

Learning points:
Who is uncertain and afraid? Only ego. Have the courage to close the door if every inch of your being tells you to. Then bow down to the earth and humbly hold open your hands; the universe will always give you a shiny new key.


 ———-❤ ———-

05 June 2016

Classes 130-134:sunrise
Feelgoodflow, Yogastars, Yin, Leovegas and my lovely private client.

Is time real or is it a mental construct of our physical world? This week really flew by. I guess mid week after my second trip to Gozo, resistance to the flow of life has completely lifted and I feel like I’m back to floating in ocean, just looking up and enjoying the clouds as I move wherever the waves take me. Oh the peace of not having a care in the world.

Learning points:
I guess when we give up and enjoy the ride, there is only the now and time doesn’t exist.

Metta (loving kindness) to you all.
Have a beautiful evening xXx

 ———-❤ ———-

29 May 2016IMG_1193

Classes 126-129:
Feelgoodflow, Yogastars, Yin and my final Yin meditation workshop!

A super relaxed week. Classes flowed well and I had plenty of time to recharge and renew in Gozo. Feeling more connected and whole again, ready for the week to come.

Learning points:
It is not selfish to nurture, grow and take care of yourself first and foremost. Only in wholeness can we light the way and share the beauty of life.

Grow tall and plant your roots firmly into the ground and allow the light of truth to shine through you.

 ———-❤ ———-

22 May 2016

Classes 118-125:

Feelgoodflow, Yogastars, Freemyflow Intermediate vinyasa, Yin, Leovegas yoga, Rest & restore, Sat freemyflow and my third Yin meditation workshop!

By the end of this week I felt lighter after some resistance had lifted from the heart; the last few weeks had unknowingly begun to weigh me down.
I came back to and practiced some Metta (loving kindness meditation) before guiding my students through it at Sundays Yin meditation workshop. It was all about opening up the heart.

Learning points:
When practiced earnestly, Metta can be incredibly healing, uplifting and opening, breaking through any resistances and barriers of the heart.

Smile to your heart and feel it smiling back at you xXx

 ———-❤ ———-

15 May 2016mostphotography-3555

Classes 112-117:

Intermediate vinyasa, Yin, mixed vinyasa-yin, athletes, gentle lunchtime corporates and my second Yin meditation workshop!

Still loving sharing every moment with you all, the wonders of yoga, but starting to feel a need to grow again, deepen my knowledge and refine my skills in order to become a better teacher for you all.

Learning points:
Without a doubt we learn day by day, but sometimes there is a need for deeper sadhana (dedicated spiritual practice). This is where I am now.

Happy peaceful dreams xXx

———-❤ ———-

 8 May 2016mostphotography-3473

Classes 105 – 111:

Intermediate vinyasa, Yin, mixed vinyasa-yin, gentle lunchtime corporates, Rise and flow and my first Yin Meditation workshop 🙂

Just when you think you’ve found your comfort zone, something new comes along to get your heart racing again. It was lovely to see so many new faces in my Yin meditation workshop. The serenity at the end was tangible.

Learning points:
Step up and smile. No challenge, no growth. xXx

———-❤ ———-

 1 May 2016crow

Classes 91-104:
Intermediate and advanced vinyasa, Yin, mixed vinyasa-yin, athletes, gentle lunchtime corporates and an impromptu Ashtanga!

Things have been winding down a little this last fortnight as my class load lightens and I feel I have mellowed somewhat. I now have the time and space to really reflect upon what has happened since I arrived in Malta. My conclusion?… This year has been a surreal and timely twist of fate, handing me exactly what I needed, the moment I surrendered and gave up all expectation.

Learning points:
When you consciously surrender, you feel a tangible resistance and barrier melt away in your chest… life will then simply evolve in line with your heart.

———-❤ ———-

 17 April 201613043400_10101093975009042_8401257131303358547_n

Classes 82-90:
Inversions, Intermediate vinyasa, Yin, mixed vinyasa-yin, athletes, gentle lunchtime corporates and a lovely private.

Entering Spring… It’ll be nearly a year since I landed on this tiny island with nothing but a passport, hand luggage and zero expectation. I couldn’t have imagined for a moment this beautiful reality… teaching and sharing with you all, my love of yoga. Feeling so blessed and full of gratitude

Learning points:
We build our perfect life by living each moment in line with our deepest truth.

Follow the present moment of the heart, to live your dream.

———-❤ ———-

 10 April 201613000137_10101087908291792_7366344069260609844_n

Classes 71-81:
Intermediate vinyasa, Yin, mixed vinyasa-yin, athletes, gentle lunchtime corporates and a lovely private.

Wk 5 complete and it feels like things are slowly drawing to a close as the lovely Anchelique Fjœre makes her way back into the limelight. Welcome back Anch! It’s been a thrilling and at times scary rollercoaster up through my ethereal potential; A perfectly imperfect journey building solid foundation for growth.

I am feeling very happy with a touch of sadness.

Learning points:
Waves rise and fall but they’re all a part of the ocean. It appears this wave is falling, but it will rise again. There is no sense in attachment to the heights we think we reach nor resistance to the depths we think we sink.

Just remember; one is the ocean.
Find peace through yoga; union with the divine. xXx

———-❤ ———-

 3 April 201612963767_10101079379738082_8719949483159548005_n

Classes 61-70:
Intermediate vinyasa, Yin, mixed vinyasa-yin, gentle lunchtime corporates and privates.

Week 4 already and the sessions are flying by. It’s hard to remember I was ever nervous. I feel just a deep desire to share what I know in the best way possible.

Learning points:
Change is not only a ‘part’ of life.
Change is ‘all’ of life.

Nothing tangible really exists.
Life is governed by Impermanence; transient energy that is interdependent and in a constant state of flux.

But there is one thing that IS permanent, our true self, and we practice yoga in order to discover and remember this.

Start to notice what it is within you that never changes. xXx

———-❤ ———-

 25 March 20161936514_10101068625579502_1371016690248050698_n

Classes 44-60:
Intermediate vinyasa, advanced vinyasa, Yin, athletes, mixed vinyasa-yin and gentle restorative corporates.

3 weeks have passed so quickly and teaching yoga is starting to feel second nature…or first nature! I’m now focussing more on finding ways to better suggest and help my students expand consciousness and awareness and to deepen their practice.

Learning points:
Working on your own spiritual growth is the biggest asset you can give to the world and your students.

Always keep searching for knowledge and keep healing yourself. xXx

———-❤ ———-

11 March 2016freemyme-4723

33 NEW Freemyhandstand class
34 Pokerstars corporate yoga
35 NEW intermediate freemyflow
36 Yin with Yan
37 NEW Igaming corporate yoga
38 NEW Advancemyflow
39 Yoga for athletes
41 Friday feel good flow
42 Leovegas corporate yoga
43 NEW private client! 🙂

Initiation of fire!!
Feeling so blessed and honored for the opportunity to teach in place of my wonderful and gifted teacher Anchelique.
Crushing through my fear barriers and not letting anything hold me back.

Learning points:
Courage is the ability to observe and act with love in spite of fear.

Always lead with love. xXx

———-❤ ———-

5 March 2016freemyme-4714

27 rise and flow
28 Pokerstars corporate yoga
29 Yin with Yan
30 Yoga for athletes
31 Friday feel good flow
32 Leovegas corporate yoga

Content and at peace with the moments that came.

Learning points:
I can do this!  xXx





———-❤ ———-

 28 Feb 2016

23 Yin with Yan
24 Rise and flow
25 Yoga for Athletes
26 Leovegas corporate yoga

Things are starting to flow more freely

Learning points:
Preparing as oppose to planning allows more freedom of expression in the moment.  xXx

———-❤ ———-

19 Feb 2016

19 Freemyflow
20 Yin with Yan
21 Yoga for Athletes
22 Leovegas corporate yoga

A deeper sense of ease and acceptance as I am.

Learning points:
There will be ups and downs. That’s ok.

———-❤ ———-

12 Feb 2016

Class 18 – Leovegas corporate yoga session

Outcome – From buzz to stillness. The energy becomes tangible when everyone aligns to the present moment. What a seriously cute bunch!

:-)❤  xXx

———-❤ ———-

11 Feb 2016

Class 17 – Yin with Yan

Outcome – A relaxing end and pre-cursor to deep sleep.
Learning points – Savasana is probably the most important pose to soak in the whole practice. xXx

———-❤ ———-

9 Feb 2016

Class 16 – Yoga for Athletes

Outcome – A major hip & back release and education on spinal alignment.
Learning points – Every moment counts. Make the most of it.

———-❤ ———-

8 Feb 2o16

Class 15 – Freemyflow. Intermediate Vinyasa.

Outcome – For myself: A re-aligning of energy in the right direction. For my students: insight into the minds reaction when we tumble. Find your love and acceptance as you consciously come back up.
Learning points – Everyone has their own unique path to follow, in their own way, in their own time. Just remember to breathe.

———-❤ ———-

4 Feb 2016

Class 14 – Yin with Yan.

Outcome -A realisation and breakthrough in consciousness for some 🙂 I’m so happy!
Learning points – Happiness breeds happiness  xXx

———-❤ ———-

2 Feb 2016

Class 13 – Yoga for athletes

Outcome – Just a good old relaxing stretch

Learning points – An intimate group can be lovely too 🙂

———-❤ ———-

1 Feb 2016

Class 12 – Freemyflow – Intermediate vinyasa.
Outcome – Perfect imperfection…Nothing ever really turns out exactly how we plan.
Learning points – Let go and flow; Perfectionism has no place in Yoga.

———-❤ ———-

28 Jan 2016

Class 11 -Yin with Yan.
Outcome – A calming down of high mental activity.
Learning points – We can only guide unexpectantly. Insight must come spontaneously from within each student. xXx

———-❤ ———-

 26 Jan 2016

Class 10 – Yoga for Athletes.
Outcome – Execution and communication felt calm and smooth. Some nice deep stretches. Hopefully my students found it useful x

———-❤ ———-

25 Jan 2016

Class 9 – Freemyflow, Intermediate Vinyasa.
Outcome – A notch up in challenge and fluidity smile emoticon
Learning points – It was well worth spending 6 hours picking out my favourite playlist. x

———-❤ ———-

23 Jan 2016

Class 8 – Emergency Sub – Yoga Core to replace Pilates.
Outcome – Survived with smiles at the end.
Learning points – Stay calm and carry on. We can only do our best in some circumstances. xXx

———-❤ ———-

23 Jan 2016

Class 7 – Yin with Yan
Outcome – Emotional release.
Learning points – Teaching is still a self practice in need of awareness, right intention, and patience. xXx

———-❤ ———-

18 Jan 2016

Class 6 – Freemyflow, intermediate vinyasa
Outcome – Mindful movement with focus on body awareness, I hope smile emoticon
Slight relief & exhilaration for me tongue emoticon
Learning points – Accept without dwelling on nervous feeling and keep flowing. xXx

———-❤ ———-

14 Jan 2016

Class 5 – Yin Yoga
Outcome – Quiet restfulness
Learning points – with all the reminders to students to notice how they feel in their practice, it’s also worthwhile to notice how I’m feeling whilst teaching and to practice patience and compassion for myself.  xXx

———-❤ ———-

7 Jan 2016

Class 4 – Yin Yoga
Outcome – openness, space and potential for 2016
Learning points – Keep loving what you do and trust in the universe  xXx

———-❤ ———-

17 Dec 2015

Class 3 – Yin Yoga
Outcome – spaciousness after challenge
Learning points – There are never too many reminders to stay present  xXx

———-❤ ———-

10 Dec 2015

Class 2 – Yin Yoga
Outcome – calmness & connectedness.
Learning points – check the power switch if your music isn’t working! and breathe…  xXx

———-❤ ———-

4 Dec 2015R&R class

Class 1 – Rest and restore Yoga.

Yogi’s letting go. My first class at Freemyme!

A room full of expectant yogis.

Nerves were definitely there, but it was worth it.

I soon got them off to sleep 🙂

Deeply satisfying ❤ xXx

———-❤ ———-

28 Nov 2015


200 hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher.

I did it! Here I am, the result of over a year of exploration both inside and out. I let go and the universe brought me effortlessly here, as it had always intended.

It’s been a truly touching, warming and opening experience with all the girls. Love was definitely at work with us. I see a huge potential in all of you and wish you all the best. xXx


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