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Bhakti is the yoga of devotion and complete self surrender in service to the Divine, the highest cause. Kirtan is an expansion of this practice, expressing bhakti through devotional singing and mantra chanting as means of connecting to and calling in the divine energies to manifest here on earth through our being. It’s a very sacred and beautiful practice that I hold close to my heart and love to share with others.

The Maha Mantra

Hare Krishna!

I love re-making the great Maha mantra with melodies that come spontaneously from within. 💗

This mantra always takes me back to my Hare Krishna days in Australia and New Zealand where everyday felt like a never ending celebration.  

Govinda hare hare, GOPALA hara hare, Hare krishna hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare hare, Hare Rama hare rama, Rama Rama hare hare. Aum.

Chords C, A, F, C-G.

Jaya Sita Ram Jaya Hanuman

This is jaya sita ram, jaya hanuman. In the chords of CFCF, DFDF.

For me this song is singing in celebration to the bringing together of the first and ultimate duality of all things. That of pure consciousness, the masculine and its beautiful creation, nature, the feminine. And to live a joyful pure and peaceful existence is to recognise consciousness as creation and creation as consciousness. Both are one and the same thing. Blissful existance.

Hanuman, is the power, force and indestructible strength within each and every one of us to move willfully and humbly towards this sacred realisation of oneness.

Om Namah Shivaya

One of my favourites to sing to Shiva, the absolute, pure presence. There’s something incredibly powerful that happens when one thinks of Shiva. All time stops. All form dissolves. And what remains is Shiva. Some like to think of Shiva as the destroyer. Shiva itself is indestructable, that which cannot be created or dissolved, a deafening void that holds the entire universe and your whole being. Shiva is your source. You came from Shiva and when all is done, you shall return to Shiva.

Jai Ambe Ma

Jai ambe ma reminds me of the love of the divine mother.

There is only love, tenderness, patience, compassion, a sweetness, a forgiving nature, a strong belief in you and a sense of endearing soothing embrace.

If your being is in need of any of these things, sing to the divine feminine, anything that represents Ma. She will come and hold you and tell you that you are loved.

Jai means praise or victory to. Ambe means the creative power. Ma means the divine mother.