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All coming together

13434976_10101154333385372_3163083303702204037_nSix years of medical studies, gruelling exams and five years of enduring practice as a western doctor finally make sense.

All those years accumulating a mini library and leisurely reading up on psychology, philosophy, self help and spirituality finally make sense.

All those years questioning the meaning of life, debating into the night, questioning religion, seeking out eastern traditions and practicing meditation finally make sense.

I no longer treat a disease. I help guide a human being. This is the beginning of my journey into true holistic whole person care… Yogic medicine for the mind body and soul.

Now when I see another human being, I am starting to see an awe inspiring universe at play….a physical universe intertwined with a mental universe intertwined with an energetic universe, cradled together in a deep and vast conscious space.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to be able to go deeper and understand more on all levels, to be able to help guide others and most importantly, to empower them in unravelling and understanding the mystery of their own universe in order to realise the beauty and enormity of their true nature.

This was my dream as a child when I said I wanted to help people; big shoes, little feet and still growing.

I know it’s mushy and dramatic but I just have to share my gratitude.
No regrets in life.
I’m so happy to be on this path.


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