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A year of self evolution in Malta

Just over a year has gone by since I landed on this little rock on the 17th July 2015, wide eyed, a little anxious, heart completely open and somewhat vulnerable.

What was intended as a two month pit stop from travels, ended up as an epic year of personal and spiritual growth.

Malta could have swallowed me whole; I could have easily ended up selling captain Morgan cruise trips….the thought did momentarily cross my mind upon landing, along with lemon juice vendor. Alas, I held firm in my intuition despite having no income and security at the time. Instead of caving into fear and getting a regular job, I chanced upon Freemyme the day I landed and immediately enquired about a work exchange for yoga classes. I would have rather worked for free to do what I love, than work simply to make money and feel secure.

Thank you Barbara Beltrami for your openness to take a chance on me. Thank you Daniel Lake for your encouragement and uplifting regard, Thank you Anchelique Fjœre for your motherly love and unswerving faith in me, my unsure self found it both unnerving and immensely touching.

Thank you to everyone else at Freemyme and in Malta for being my family this year. Like family, you will always be in my heart.mostphotography-6475

Achievements this year:

1) Became a yoga teacher….The vivid visions of myself teaching have finally become a surreal reality in the most unexpected circumstance. Now that I’m teaching I can’t imagine for a moment doing anything else.

2) Overcame my fear of public speaking and grew my voice. I started off a little unsure, meek and quivery, now I have the confidence to speak firmly yet softly. I feel I can share my heart without fear of being judged, after all, who is afraid? Only ego. What a relief it is to have an outlet for the mad insights and realisations that come to me.

3) Hit over 300 hours of teaching in 7 months, finding firm grounding in teaching various methods and levels of yoga and meditation. All the more to share with you all. 🙂

4) Taught on a yoga teacher training program. Those years of reading anatomy and philosophy were not in vain. I’ve been spending hours re-reading and organising the jumbled contents of my mind in order to teach others. Forcing me to fill in the gaps of my knowledge and place it in logical fashion that even I am benefiting from. I’m having more and more philosophical eureka moments the more I gather together the contents of my mind 🙂

5) Became my own boss for the first time in my life, giving me the confidence and reassurance that I can go it alone. Bye bye pay cheques and HR. What a surreal and liberating experience to be self employed.

6) Hit physical feats in yoga I never could have imagined…unsupported handstand press ups, forearm inversions, arm balances, the great ashtanga jump throughs. 😛 Completely gone is the fear of falling.

7) Started a yoga website….a secret work in progress but essentially a free yoga resource site for the love of sharing and for the purpose of guiding and encouraging spiritual growth. 🙂

8) Spent the whole year being totally and utterly me. Living by my own morals and my own beliefs and only doing the things I want to do, the things that feel good for my whole being.

So my official out date is the 24th August 2016. I have 4 weeks to make the most of my time left here on this tiny rock. Mah, it will be so hard to leave. Lets not think about it just yet.

Everyone, you know who you are,
I love you all so much.
Keep calm and become enlightened. 🙂 xXx

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