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International Yoga Day

So apparently today is international yoga day ☺️yoga day

I’m not normally a fan of following Facebook movements like this…or following in general.

This is my conscious choice to show my support for yoga on a day where a united body may have a greater positive impact on the world.

Yoga means ‘to yoke’, it means union, it means awakening to all levels of our being and melting ourselves back into universal consciousness.

Why? For peace, for happiness, for the end of suffering, for true unconditional love.

Be in consciousness today, if only for a split second:

…Notice a breath, a footstep, a thought perhaps;
…Notice and acknowledge a feeling;
…Notice a desire to say a harsh word and feel the spaciousness of awareness if even for a second before unleashing the whims of the ego, and then watch softly and accept compassionately whatever happens next;
…Consciously uplift your heart by choosing to express gratitude;
…Perhaps you could even notice your own sense of a self and contemplate that for a moment, ask yourself, who am I?

Wherever you are in this vertical journey of the present moment, know that consciousness is instant and available to you right now. Practice with patience and persistance, every little effort counts and deserves your compassion and praise. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no should or shouldn’t ….only consciousness and lack of consciousness. xXx

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