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Home is where the Heart is

Journey inward to your true self


If you are hoping to move away from generic group classes and the growing pressure of external achievement that may have crept into your practice and you are ready to expand into the simplicity of pure presence and awareness with the intricate experience of your being, then it is time to practice alone, free from a sense of outward performance and expectation and instead cultivate and expand wisdom and knowledge through deep introspection, mindfulness and enquiry.

I am offering to get you started on your journey of a true re-connection to yourself.

This program begins with a written submission about yourself… a brief review of your life up until now, your current life situation, your physical, mental and emotional needs, your current spiritual and self care practices, and what you are hoping to focus and work on within yourself.

Along with this, I will ask you to submit a short video of yourself , standing, walking and performing a few yoga postures to allow me to understand the needs of your body.

With your personal needs and current situation in mind, I will put together 60-90 minutes of audio recorded yoga practice, carefully detailing, guiding and prompting reminders for enquiry, awareness and self reflection. The practice will include three parts: 1) Guided meditation/breathwork, 2) Dynamic moving practice, 3)Restorative/Yin practice.

Practices will be recorded with the aim that audio alone be fully sufficient in guiding your bodily movements where required, so all your attention can be given to self attention and deepening inner connection, as oppose to looking outside of yourself which actually distracts you from cultivating a more subtle self awareness.

A video will also be connected to the audio to help demonstrate the movement and postures, but this is only intended to be viewed in the beginning and then released once you have familiarised yourself with the practice and can continue with just the faculty of deep listening.

Once you have practiced once or twice, we will connect via video call to address any needs or questions arising from the practice. I will also ask you to send in short video clips of your practice if there are questions about physical technique.

It is intended that you build familiarity and a habit of stepping onto your mat and being with yourself in your practice 2-5 times a week for a month, depending on your needs and preferences. It might benefit you to take a few moments at the end of practice to reflect and diary any thoughts, insights and questions that arise. 

Each week we can re-connect via message, audio or video call and check in and share any reflections and questions that arise.

After one month, we will review together how you might like to adapt or evolve your practice, what new avenues you’d like to explore, and you will receive a newly recorded practice as a means to experience different aspects of yourself and deepen your self awareness for the next month.

Three months are recommended to experience a range of practices and postures and provide you with enough confidence to continue exploring on your own. 

Package price:

120 pounds/3 month upfront or

50 pounds/1 month for 3 months.


  • 3 x 60-90 minutes of recorded personal practices
  • Meditation, kriya, breathwork, dynamic and restorative practices.
  • 12 weekly online check ins and reflections

*At present, I have capacity for four private students/month.

Please contact me directly on Whatsapp on +447966279947 if you would like to start a home yoga practice. 

“Satchitananda –  Yoga is truth, consciousness, bliss. It is our very existence, our essence, our freedom”

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